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literary studies the 16 journals and yearbooks comprising this package are from the areas of german romance english american and scandinavian literature the european journal of scandinavian studies formerly skandinavistik is new on the list as of 2011 library and information science the imprint de gruyter saur under which the seven journals are published stands for high-quality publications in the field of library and information science libri and restaurator are among the periodicals with the longest tradition in this field angermion yearbook for anglo-german literary criticism intellectual history and cultural transfers issn 1438-2091 · e-issn 1868-9426 african book publishing record the issn 0306-0322 · e-issn 1865-8717 bibliothek ­ forschung und praxis issn 0341-4183 · e-issn 1865-7648 anglia zeitschrift für englische philologie issn 0340-5222 · e-issn 1865-8938 international african bibliography current books articles and papers in african studies issn 0020-5877 · e-issn 1865-9640 arbitrium zeitschrift für rezensionen zur germanistischen literaturwissenschaft issn 0723-2977 · e-issn 1865-8849 libri international journal of libraries and information services issn 0024-2667 · e-issn 1865-8423 impact factor 2009 0.160 arcadia international journal of literary culture issn 0003-7982 · e-issn 1613-0642 microform digitization review preservation and access issues for cultural heritage institutions formerly microform imaging review issn 2190-0752 · e-issn 2190-541x beiträge zur geschichte der deutschen sprache und literatur issn 0005-8076 · e-issn 1865-9373 editio international yearbook for scholarly editing issn 0931-3079 · e-issn 1865-9446 praxis der informationsverarbeitung und kommunikation pik issn 0930-5157 · e-issn 1865-8342 english and american studies in german summaries of theses and monographs issn 0071-0490 · e-issn 1865-8946 restaurator international journal for the preservation of library and archival material issn 0034-5806 · e-issn 1865-8431 european journal of scandinavian studies new at de gruyter formerly skandinavistik issn 2191-9399 · e-issn 2191-9402 fabula journal of folktale studies issn 0014-6242 · e-issn 1613-0464 george-jahrbuch issn 1430-2519 · e-issn 1865-8881 iberoromania revista dedicada a las lenguas literaturas y culturas de la península ibérica y de américa latina issn 0019-0993 · e-issn 1865-9039 internationales archiv für sozialgeschichte der deutschen literatur issn 0340-4528 · e-issn 1865-9128 jahrbuch der raabe-gesellschaft issn 0075-2371 · e-issn 1865-8857 journal of literary theory issn 1862-5290 · e-issn 1862-8990 kritikon litterarum international book review for american english romance and slavic studies issn 0340-9767 · e-issn 1865-7249 scientia poetica yearbook for the history of literature humanities and sciences issn 1431-5041 · e-issn 1868-9418