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new journals and yearbooks launched in 2010/2011 advances in pure and applied mathematics editor-in-chief khalifa trimèche 4 issues per year issn 1867-1152 · e-issn 1869-6090 green the international journal of sustainable energy conversion and storage editor-in-chief martin stutzmann 6 issues per year issn 1869-876x · e-issn 1869-8778 the peer-reviewed journal advances in pure and applied mathematics covers the fields of pure mathematics in particular all branches of analysis applied mathematics and mathematical physics the main emphasis is on the publication of new results green is dedicated to basic and applied research covering all aspects of energy conversion storage distribution and efficiency improvements for a sustainable supply for mankind it comprises contributions from the fields of physics chemistry biology and biotechnology the engineering and material sciences as well as interdisciplinary research applied linguistics review yearbook editor li wei issn 1868-6303 · e-issn 1868-6311 de gruyter mouton hormone molecular biology and clinical investigation editor-in-chief jorge r pasqualini 4 issues per year issn 1868-1883 · e-issn 1868-1891 the applied linguistics review is a peer-reviewed annual publication it serves as a testing ground for the articulation of original ideas and approaches in the study of real-world issues in which language plays a crucial role by bringing together new empirical and theoretical research and critical reflections of current debates the blind peer-reviewed journal hormone molecular biology and clinical investigation is dedicated to the provision of basic data on molecular aspects of hormones in physiology and in pathophysiology biomolecular concepts editors-in-chief pierre jollès hans jörnvall isabelle mansuy 6 issues per year issn 1868-5021 · e-issn 1868-503x international yearbook of futurism studies yearbook issn 2192-0281 · e-issn 2192-029x biomolecular concepts is a peer-reviewed rapidpublishing journal fostering the integration of different fields of biology including cellular and molecular biology biochemistry genetics epigenetics neurosciences and developmental biology the journal publishes reviews conceptual overviews and research papers on a wide range of topics this yearbook is designed to act as a medium of communication amongst a global community of futurism scholars it has an interdisciplinary orientation and presents new research on futurism across national borders in fields such as literature fine arts music theatre design etc apart from essays and country surveys it contains reports reviews and an annual bibliography of recent futurism studies european property law journal editor-in-chief sjef van erp 4 issues per year issn 2190-8273 · e-issn 2190-8362 jahrbuch fÜr germanistische sprachgeschichte yearbook editors hans ulrich schmid arne ziegler issn 1869-7038 · e-issn 1869-7046 the european property law journal focuses on both private and public law aspects of land movables claims and so-called new objects of property law such as virtual property articles are based upon comparative legal analysis and examine property law from an european perspective the jahrbuch für germanistische sprachgeschichte [yearbook for german language history dedicates itself to the contents methods and objects of language history and their relevance in the context of presentday german studies and as such provides a forum for current research into language history.