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de gruyter journals over 170 periodicals a wide range of humanities and sciences archive back to 1826 as single titles and packages covering electronic available

stm bioinorganic reaction mechanisms biological chemistry biomedizinische technik biomedical engineering botanica marina clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine corrosion reviews drug metabolism and drug interactions frequenz heterocyclic communications high temperature materials and processes holzforschung international journal of adolescent medicine and health international journal of turbo and jet engines international journal on disability and human development journal for manufacturing science and production journal of applied geodesy journal of basic clinical physiology pharmacology journal of non-equilibrium thermodynamics journal of optical communications journal of pediatric endocrinology and metabolism journal of perinatal medicine journal of polymer engineering journal of the mechanical behavior of materials laboratoriumsmedizin journal of laboratory medicine main group metal chemistry mammalia nachrichten aus der chemie reviews in analytical chemistry reviews in

since 1826 the founding year of the periodical journal für die reine und angewandte mathematik crelle s journal the oldest mathematics journal still in existence de gruyter has been publishing highly regarded scientific journals and yearbooks by now their number has increased to more than 170 titles which besides the broad spectrum of humanities journals also includes a rapidly growing number of journals in science technology and medicine stm in 2011 alone de gruyter is publishing more than 20 stm journals for the first time de gruyter journals are internationally oriented although some journals have german names they also include contributions in english or other languages impact factors /abstracting indexing 25 of the de gruyter journal portfolio received an impact factor for 2009 nearly 60 of these journals increased their impact factor in 2009 de gruyter journals received top rankings in 14 categories meaning that almost 40 of de gruyter titles are listed in the first two

stm the de gruyter stm package contains 33 journals from the fields of biology chemistry physics materials science and medicine among them influential periodicals such as biological chemistry clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine journal of perinatal medicine or holzforschung around two-thirds of the periodicals in this package are being published for the first time in 2011 by de gruyter including nachrichten aus der chemie the members journal of the german chemical society one of the world s largest science societies bioinorganic reaction mechanisms new at de gruyter the journal for inorganic and bioinorganic reaction mechanisms formerly inorganic reaction mechanisms issn 2191-2483 · e-issn 2191-2491 impact factor 2009 0.143 journal of basic clinical physiology pharmacology new at de gruyter issn 0792-6885 · e-issn 2191-0286 journal of non-equilibrium thermodynamics thermophysical chemical and biochemical processes issn 0340-0204 · e-issn 1437-4358 impact factor 2009 1.227

mathematics the 19 de gruyter journals in the field of mathematics include the journal für die reine und angewandte mathematik crelle s journal founded in 1826 which is the oldest mathematics journal still in existence ­ and one of the leading journals in this field up to the present day in 2011 three periodicals were added to this subject area law one focus of the law package besides contemporary legal history and german criminal and civil law is european law the topic of three of the nine periodicals in the package advances in calculus of variations issn 1864-8258 · e-issn 1864-8266 mathematical citation quotient 2009 0.82 deutsche zeitschrift für wirtschafts und insolvenzrecht dzwir issn 1439-1589 · e-issn 1612-7056 advances in geometry issn 1615-715x · e-issn 1615-7168 impact factor 2009 0.386 · mathematical citation quotient 2009 0.50 european company and financial law review ecfr issn 1613-2548 · e-issn 1613-2556 european review of contract law ercl issn 1614-9920 ·

classical studies philosophy theology the 34 journals and yearbooks in this package cover the broad spectrum of classical studies philosophy and theology many of them have a long tradition such as the zeitschrift für assyriologie und vorderasiatische archäologie the byzantinische zeitschrift the archiv für die geschichte der philosophie the kant-studien or the zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche wissenschaft in 2011 the journal apeiron was added as newcomer to the list antike und abendland issn 0003-5696 · e-issn 1613-0421 kant-studien philosophische zeitschrift der kant-gesellschaft issn 0022-8877 · e-issn 1613-1134 european science foundation ranking a apeiron new at de gruyter a journal for ancient philosophy and science issn 0003-6390 · e-issn 2156-7093 kant yearbook issn 1868-4599 · e-issn 1868-4602 archiv für geschichte der philosophie issn 0003-9101 · e-issn 1613-0650 kierkegaard studies yearbook issn 1430-5372 · e-issn 1612-9792 archiv für papyrusforschung und

linguistics communications the 35 periodicals in this package mostly published under our imprint de gruyter mouton offer access to content from disciplines such as cognitive linguistics applied linguistics communication science rhetoric semiotics and pragmatics they include renowned high-impact publications such as cognitive linguistics the linguistic review theoretical linguistics humor and the journal of politeness research cognitive linguistics an interdisciplinary journal of cognitive science issn 0936-5907 · e-issn 1613-3641 impact factor 2009 0.814 linguistic review tlr the an open peer review journal issn 0167-6318 · e-issn 1613-3676 impact factor 2009 0.968 communications the european journal of communication research issn 0341-2059 · e-issn 1613-4087 linguistic typology issn 1430-0532 · e-issn 1613-415x linguistics an interdisciplinary journal of the language sciences corpus linguistics and linguistic theory issn 1613-7027 · e-issn 1613-7035 issn 0024-3949 · e-issn

literary studies the 16 journals and yearbooks comprising this package are from the areas of german romance english american and scandinavian literature the european journal of scandinavian studies formerly skandinavistik is new on the list as of 2011 library and information science the imprint de gruyter saur under which the seven journals are published stands for high-quality publications in the field of library and information science libri and restaurator are among the periodicals with the longest tradition in this field angermion yearbook for anglo-german literary criticism intellectual history and cultural transfers issn 1438-2091 · e-issn 1868-9426 african book publishing record the issn 0306-0322 · e-issn 1865-8717 bibliothek ­ forschung und praxis issn 0341-4183 · e-issn 1865-7648 anglia zeitschrift für englische philologie issn 0340-5222 · e-issn 1865-8938 international african bibliography current books articles and papers in african studies issn 0020-5877 · e-issn

de gruyter journal archive 1826­2010 discover 200 years of academic knowledge online the de gruyter journal archive brings academic history to light de gruyter has digitized about 150 of its active journals going back to vol 1 issue 1 approximately 3 million pages of content ranging from 1826 to 2010 they are accessible on reference global de gruyter s integrated online platform for all of its ebooks and ejournals as well as most of its databases of major international interest the de gruyter journal archive has an international focus with more than 50 of its contents either in english or in more than one language it includes articles in english german french spanish and italian among other languages revised offer as of january 2011 to better meet the needs of our customers we are offering a new business model for the de gruyter journal archive the backfiles of active journals are offered continuously starting with volume 1 issue 1 up to and including the 2010 issues the separation

new journals and yearbooks launched in 2010/2011 advances in pure and applied mathematics editor-in-chief khalifa trimèche 4 issues per year issn 1867-1152 · e-issn 1869-6090 green the international journal of sustainable energy conversion and storage editor-in-chief martin stutzmann 6 issues per year issn 1869-876x · e-issn 1869-8778 the peer-reviewed journal advances in pure and applied mathematics covers the fields of pure mathematics in particular all branches of analysis applied mathematics and mathematical physics the main emphasis is on the publication of new results green is dedicated to basic and applied research covering all aspects of energy conversion storage distribution and efficiency improvements for a sustainable supply for mankind it comprises contributions from the fields of physics chemistry biology and biotechnology the engineering and material sciences as well as interdisciplinary research applied linguistics review yearbook editor li wei issn 1868-6303 ·

new journals and yearbooks launched in 2010/2011 journal of european tort law jetl editors ken oliphant ernst karner bernhard a koch christiane wendehorst 3 issues per year issn 1868-9612 · e-issn 1868-9620 the new journals and yearbooks listed here are not contained in the 2011 de gruyter ejournal packages this also applies to the following titles abi technik new at de gruyter saur zeitschrift für automation bau und technik im archiv bibliotheksund informationswesen issn 0720-6763 · e-issn 2191-4664 the journal of european tort law jetl is the first law review dedicated to this important and dynamic area of european private law it aims to contribute to the analysis and development of tort law in europe by the publication of scholarly articles comments and reviews jetl is the journal of the european centre of tort and insurance law ectil and the institute for european tort law of the austrian academy of sciences aurora jahrbuch der eichendorff-gesellschaft issn 0341-1230 only

benefits for librarians flexible purchasing options print only online only print online single titles ejournal packages perpetual access to purchased content access to the backfiles of the last 13 years issues `institutional administration area to manage all aspects of your organization s profile counter-compliant usage statistics also retrievable via sushi permanent active linking using openurl and crossref-doi long-term archiving via portico access to all of de gruyter s digital content ­ ejournals backfiles ebooks and databases ­ on a single platform at www.reference-global.com benefits for researchers and students 24/7 access to de gruyter journal content from your library or via remote access ejournal ebook and database content integrated on a single platform simple and advanced searches including full-text searching search results shown for articles chapters complete books and reference work entries e-mail or rss notification of new results for saved searches etoc and