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Weitere Vitelli Kataloge | BASIL Switzerland Hauptkatalog 2017 | 110 Seiten | 2017-12-14


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Vitelli Velobedarf AG
Dornacherstrasse 101
CH-4053 Basel

Telefon 061 361 70 70
Telefax 061 361 57 70

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black flowers b a basil elegance carry all bag 17586 d moonstone grey 17l b basil blossom botanica double bag 17526 a black 35l c basil front carrier l c e 50097 black d basil bohÈme big bell 50436 charcoal Ø80mm e basil cento flower 11175 black dots e c black a basil katharina b&d-shoulder bag 17507 black dots 17l b basil katharina double bag 17508 black 38l c basil hand warmers 50275 black d basil katharina b&d saddle cover a 50297 black dots e basil polkadot big bell b 50397 white/black dots Ø80mm d black suits 50399 black/white dots Ø80mm e b a basil portland business bag 17613 black 19l b basil cento 11189 alu matt black c basil portland bell 50459 matt black Ø80mm d basil urban fold messenger bag 17619 a c d black 16/20l e basil go saddle cover 50443 solid

now you can make your ‘shopping’ waterproof

hurray looking forward to the other 12 places to

baskets thebasket co l l ec tion this is how it all started in 1976 we developed a wicker basket for a lovely lady called ine van dam it made her very happy as it allowed her to enjoy her bicycle even more now 40 years later we take pride in creating the perfect bicycle basket for just about anyone choose from a front or rear model removable or permanently mounted from fine-meshed metal to rattan from wicker to aluminium wire we create baskets that not only meet your wishes but also your style and

discover our front baskets removable a new b c non removable d basket collection 2017 our front baskets are generally smaller than their rear-mounted sisters perfect for your keys mobile phone or handbag safe in front of your wheel and within eyeshot new e a basil basimply ec best price set 10203 black 10204 silver b basil bold front removable removable 11214 black 11216 silver c basil bern mesh front basket f 10063 d basil berlin ec 10201 non-removable black black e basil bold front fixmounted 11213 black 11215 silver f basil basimply ec baseasy stemholder ec g h 10160 black g basil adjustable straight non-removable 70026 black h basil boston xl mounting set 10220 i black i basil bremen permanent ii stemholder ec 10218 black 22/25 mm

it’s all about the right

basil clever system what makes our clever system so clever whether you want to conveniently take your bold basket with you into a shop or to firmly mount it to your carrier rack clever does what you want it to do it’s one single system that can be used in two ways the removable option works with a spring clamp simply push the two hooks of your basket onto your carrier and fixate the spring clamp onto it the permanent system works with an extra set of hooks that are included in the clever pack mount the extra hooks to the basket and turn the pre assembled hooks 180 degrees then clasp the four hooks around the diagonal carrier bar and fasten the four accompanying bolts firmly in place well done you clever shrew now just stow and go quick release permanently mounted 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5

basil cairo art nr color 11011 black basil cairo luxe art nr color basil concord art nr color 11037 black 11031 black rear bike basket steel wire removable in extra heavy stable execution handle with nylon grip slanted cut-out for spring clamp rear school bag basket steel mesh removable with handle with cut-out for spring clamp fietsmand staal draad achterop afneembaar met hengsel afgeschuinde bovenkant met uitsparing voor veerklem fietsmand voor schooltassen staal fijnmazig achterop afneembaar met hengsel uitsparing voor veerklem hr-korb draht stahl abnehmbar mit bügel abgeschrägt mit aussparung für federklappe fietsmand staal draad achterop afneembaar in extra zware stabiele uitvoering hengsel met kunststof grip afgeschuinde bovenkant uitsparing voor veerklem hr-korb draht stahl abnehmbar in extra schwerer stabiler ausführung bügel mit kunststoffgriff abgeschrägt aussparung für federklappe panier de vélo arrière acier en fil amovible avec anse un

basil tivoli basil trento 30040 black 30061 pink art nr color art nr color basil jasmin basket art nr color 30067 red/pink 30069 lilac/soft pink product specification 2017 junior front bike basket with jolly big animal sticker steel mesh removable with safe double handlebar hooks handle with nylon grip kinderfietsmand met leuke grote dierensticker staal fijnmazig voorop afneembaar met veilige dubbel uitgevoerde stuurhaken hengsel met kunststof grip vr-kinderkorb mit einem netten großen tieraufkleber stahl engmaschig abnehmbar mit sicheren lenkerhaken in doppelausführung bügel mit kunststoffgriff panier de vélo avant junior avec jolie et grande image animal acier mailles fines amovible avec double crochets de guidon de sécurité anse avec poignée de nylon junior front basket for bikes with 12-20 inch wheels oval steel mesh 15x10 mm with fastening material for fixed mounting on steering head and bracket for fork crown kindermand 12-20 inch fijnmazig ovaal staal

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