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allround 36 38 40 42 44 45 46 48 49 allround fascenario.3 platinum g1 fascenario.3 pro g1 fascenario.3 pro disc g1 aernario platinum g1 aernario pro g1 aernario pro disc g1 aernario comp g1 aernario comp disc g1 visioner comp g1 visioner prana g1 56 58 60 61 cross t.i.x platinum g1 t.i.x pro g2 t.i.x al g1 70 71 72 73 rebel nine platinum g3 rebel nine pro g3 / g4 rebel seven platinum g1 rebel seven pro g1 / g2 trekking 64 mtb 66 adrenic platinum g1 68 adrenic pro g1 e-bike endurance durnario platinum g1 durnario pro g1 durnario comp g1 fully 50 52 54 55 hardtail endurance 26 aero 28 aero 2 platinum g2 30 aero 2 pro g2 31 aero 2 comp g2 32 aerfast platinum g2 34 aerfast pro g2 35 aerfast comp g2 62 overview mtb urban cross editorial technologie german engineering die quadratur des kreises squaring of the circel die farben des lebens colors of life andreas klÖden Über zweite plÄtze andreas klÖden about second places aero 24 overview road 02

squaring of the circle and the storck principle about the optimum bike and storck’s model philosophy this has resulted in the clearly stated expectations to be met by modern bicycles today low weight appreciable comfort high stiffness in the headset and bottom bracket good aerodynamic values and everyday usability durability and resilience in this challenging competition of the developers for the best bike storck has the advantage of being able to draw on a wealth of nearly 25 years of experience in the development of carbon fiber frames and components even the beginnings 1993 power arms carbon cranksets 1995 stiletto carbon fork show storck’s dedication to carbon fiber bike components that are both extremely light and fit for everyday use these genes see a further evolution in the carbon fully organic as well as in the development comfort stiffness weight aerodynamics and durability are partially antagonistic physical properties combining them poses one of the key

except for that i was always fully focused on the tour de france i’d have liked winning the tour de suisse once too but never got beyond my 2nd place in it in 2008 in all those years because it was always a preparation race for me on my way to the tour de france and i’d never arrived at 100 at that point in time.” alberto contador alexander winokourow levi leipheimer paolo savoldelli oscar perreiro fränk andy schleck jens voigt etc etc etc – the names of his teammates read like the who is who of the road bike racing scene but i’m interested in finding out “was lance armstrong a buddy or boss for you there are so many legends about armstrong the selfless fighter against cancer on the one hand and the ice-cold manipulator and careerist on the other i find it exciting to talk to someone that raced side by side with him how was that for you?” andreas comments ”i think this has to be put in perspective to some extent i only raced

aero weight 9,5 9,5 comfort aero 6 7 9 10 stiffness weight 9,5 9,5 aero comfort 6 7 8,5 10 stiffness handling 31 e-bike 30 urban trekking hardtail mtb fully handling allround allround cross allround road aero 2 comp frame set including aero2 comp fork zeitjÄger time trial handlebar aero2 seat post 75 or 90 mm stem incl 2 comfort pads spacer sets integrated head set 1 1/8  - 1 1/8 material cfr/ud internal cable routing braking shifting integrated battery replaceable derailleur hanger pressfit™ diameter 41 x 86,5 mm integrated stem system seat post / proprietary aero shape adjustable seat tube angle 73° - 80° electronic and mechanical shifting systems color glossy black weight frame from 1390 g aero2 comp fork from 400 g frame set from 1770 g aero 2 comp g2 endurance aero 2 pro frame set including aero2 pro fork zeitjÄger time trial

aero fascenario.3 platinum g1 allround 10 10 10 10 comfort allround weight 10 10 stiffness road aero endurance handling flat section impact 39 test-winner rennrad 07/2017 i best score roadbike 05/2017 i best overall performance tour-magazine 05/2017 i if design award 2017 i winner german design award 2017 i winner bicycle brand contest 2017 dia award 2017 i urban trekking 38 hardtail in terms of aerodynamics comfort ride characteristics and technology storck models such as the fascenario and the aernario set standards the fascenario.3 builds on the greatest achievements of the storck developments and impresses with features that elevate the road bike to an all-new level “advanced sectional aerodynamic shaping” and a fork rigorously designed for aerodynamics signify a further development of the engineering design approach focused on aerodynamics the reduction of the seat post cross-sections and use of “flat section technology” result in notably enhanced comfort

aernario comp disc frame set including aernario comp disc fork seat post integrated headset 1 1/8  - 1 1/4 material cfr/ud optimized internal cable routing braking/shifting replaceable derailleur hanger through axle rear 135/10 mm front 100/9 mm sloping top tube geometry internal cable routing braking/shifting postmount™ disc brakes replaceable derailleur hanger bb standard pressfit™ diameter 41 x 86,5 mm seat post diameter 31,6 mm electronic and mechanical shifting system color glossy black white weight frame from 1150 g aernario comp disc fork from 400 g frame set from 1550 g complete bike weight ultegra 7,6 kg aero allround road 47 e-bike 46 urban trekking hardtail aernario comp g1 aernario comp frame set including aernario comp fork seat post integrated headset 1 1/8  - 1 1/4 material cfr/ud - optimized internal cable routing

cross wenn du nicht mehr fragst ob du auf sand matsch oder asphalt fÄhrst sondern einfach fÄhrst – dann ist es cross 56 when you stop asking whether you’re riding on sand mud or tarmac – you’re riding cross

abseits aller strassen – nur du der wald die berge der trail und dein bike … hardtail fully off-roading adventures – just you the woods the mountains the trail and your bike … 64

aero allround road rebel seven pro frame set including integrated headset 1 1/8“ - 1 1/2“ material cfr cfr bottom bracket shell cfr headset bearing seats through axle rear 142 x 12 mm postmount™ disc brakes external cable routing braking / shifting replaceable derailleur hanger bb standard pressfit™ diameter 41 x 92 mm seat post clamp 34,9 mm seat post diameter 31,6 mm color frosted curry or glossy black weight frame from 1090 g endurance rebel seven platinum frame set including integrated headset 1 1/8“ - 1 1/2 material cfr cfr bottom bracket shell through axle rear 142 x 12 mm cfr headset bearing seats postmount™ disc brakes external cable routing braking / shifting replaceable derailleur hanger bb standard pressfit™ diameter

storck seatpost monolink storck seatpost sp 250/270 die mlp stützen paaren carbonleichtbau mit enormer dämpfung und flexibilität dank storck carbon technology hfx die strapazierfähigen stützen sind für den einsatz auf dem mtb und rennrad geeignet die monolink-technology bietet eine vielzahl individueller einstellmöglichkeiten bezüglich neigung und position power arms g3 carbon crank set without chain rings integrated ultra precise high grade carbon axle weight from 305 g without bearings assembling bearing shells for pressfit standard compatible with every frame also available with bsa bearing shells on demand lengths 170 / 172,5 / 175 mm bolt circle 110 mm compact and standard chainrings available on request q-factor 149 mm 14939 ff storck powerarms g3 ideal für fans kompromissloser leistung die vollcarbonkurbel mit carbonachse die weiter­ entwickelte power arms g3 weist mit 35