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oak lord of the forest eiche herr der wälder the quality of the slavonian oak can best be described with one of the assumptions that dates back to the roman times and it says that the romans knew and appreciated slavonian oak even two thousand years ago and in order to achieve the best possible distribution of the entire oak tree they had built the bosut channel as bosut flows into the sava that construction allowed the distribution of logs via the sava and the danube all the way to the black sea zone today the forests of spačva are mostly rich in trees that are about 80 to 120 years old the thing that makes spačva forest so specific and unique is common oak spačva forest is also the largest whole forest of common oak in europe but who is actually the creator of the idea of a regulated forestry in croatia which we know today and how were huge areas of common oak made which are extending through slavonian lands indefinitely in croatia the modern development of forestry was primarily influenced by “forest order” of maria theresa it was issued long ago in the middle of 1769 and contained 55 articles this was also the first permanent instruction on the management of forests which among other things contained instructions like at what age forests should be cut if we go back in recent past more accurately at the beginning of the 19th century the first forest plantations were being established in the continental croatia at that time while larger works on local afforestation date back to the second half of the 19th century 4 spačva product range spačva produktionsprogramm 2015.