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meeting conferring congresses meetings conferences seminars and other events avendi hotel bad honnef four generous technically up-to-date function rooms 95 to 180 square meters for 20 to 150 persons are available in the avendi hotel for seminars conferences and meetings in addition it offers opportunities for working in small groups as well as press conferences in the library villa bertha – the seminar villa this structurally connected art nouveau-villa is a charming contrast to the modern avendi hotel the rooms were carefully restored and colored today the house contains six tastefully furnished seminar rooms 20 to 74 square meters where your event will certainly be a success seminaris event logistic management since in the congress park up to 1000 persons can meet and confer live and enjoy at the same time it needs a professional logistic department that is the congress park event management under the direction of the head of the congress park a friendly competent event consulting with break gastronomy technique service and permanent availability is guaranteed in order to solve suddenly appearing problems and alterations without delay kur kongresshaus bad honnef a 25 m long arcade walk leads from the avendi hotel to the kurhaus and congress house bad honnef it has been the cultural core of the city bad honnef for more than a century the more than 400 square meters large art nouveau-hall with stage offers the perfect setting for festive events like balls and banquettes and especially congresses congress fairs colloquiums tv-shows or poet readings the complete stage lightning technique and sound system as well as the backstage-area also make theatre and musical performances possible 500 persons find a seat in this hall 70 of them on a beautiful gallery four additional event rooms from 16 to 133 square meters for 20 to 100 persons can be used at the same time.