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meeting conferring congresses meetings conferences seminars and other events the dahlem cube – an excellent conference center for think tanks the conference center made of glass in the shape of a cube is a masterpiece of modern architecture helmut jahn designed the architectural highlight near the famous philological library “the brain” of lord norman foster “the brain” contains hundreds of thousands of books from the past and present the dahlem cube aims to provide the facilities to further the knowledge of the world of tomorrow “the dahlem cube” is more than conference rooms and and meeting facilities it is indeed the answer to the increasing requirements for space flexibility and functionality today and tomorrow for seminars congresses and meetings of a very high standard the dahlem cube with its 2700 sqm the dahlem cube provides on three levels space for 13 professional meeting and conference facilities from 20 to 700 people the highly functional and flexible congress and plenary room the “domus variabilis” is situated on the upper level and offers the capacity for up to 700 persons it can be divided into 5 conference rooms from 60 to 240 sqm on the second level are 8 interconnecting conference and seminar rooms of 40 to 120 sqm as well as a large area for breaks with a coffeeshop the spacious foyer with its about 350 sqm and the event exhibition space with 450 sqm are the ideal location for conference breaks and receptions exhibitions poster sessions and presentations two well equipped executive boardrooms of 34 and 70 sqm are located next to the hotel-lobby the “faculty club” bar lounge and the restaurant “papillon” and are ideal for exclusive meetings media technique equipment meeting service state of the art communication technique media and conference equipment are standard in each seminaris hotel meeting resort a professional conference and event management as well as a perfect logistic guarantee the success of every event and will take care of all gastronomic and technical needs at any time.