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the rmig solution running the full length of one of the interior walls alongside the 50 metre competition pool in the new 8145m2 swimming hall `therma is manufactured from 105 separate 2mm thick hot dip galvanised steel panels each of which is precision perforated shaped and laser cut by rmig to the artist s exact specifications each perforated steel panel measures 1200mm wide by 2940mm high and includes a number of different circular and slotted perforation patterns and cut-out forms depending on the specific location within the overall design also each of the individual aluminium shapes which portray water and liquid was precision cut by rmig before being coated in one of nine separate colours and fitted into precise cut-outs within the galvanised steel wall panel system rmig undertakes a significant amount of work for the building and architectural sectors primarily with perforated cladding balconies and balustrades yet this is not the first time the company has worked with artists in helping them bring their designs into reality the company s experience gained during the manufacture of the artist designed cladding for the multi-award winning oslo opera house was put to good use with this project working alongside the artist to ensure every piece of the `sculpture not only met her creative demands but was also uncomplicated to install on site.