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In dieser Broschüre finden Sie Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von Lochblechen in der Industrie. (Englisch)

lochbleche stainless steel balustrade baking burr leobersdorf kalea stokke cheshire vessel margin balustrade conveyor belts balustrade steel stainless stokke ch safety walk brush guard air cooler slot free stokke de as 2750 we can filtration perforated aluminium water treatment p 314 full range step in we are the world waste flooring r 906 fine well s france 53 poznan food it www citroen at austria email sector guards rotors protect steel dg 80 exotic acoustic in mould www citron ch citron ag www citroen ch www citron at citron ch citroen at citron at www citron www citron de olten

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food perforated baking trays manufactured in 2mm thick aluminium pattern r3t5 high air and fluid flows for the food industry our ability to work with different grades of stainless steel aluminium and galvanised mild steel at very high perforation specifications allows us to provide the food industry with perforated materials that give high air and fluid flows through our burr-free open area designs cheese mould belt drier and cooler using slot hole perforated

brewing a distillery malting floor the first step in making single malt scottish whisky screens and floors for the brewing industry rmig produces high quality screens that are reliable and effective for all malting processes we can offer you screens according to your specifications produced on high precision equipment to ensure optimal quality and production efficiency slotted perforation pattern for malting

whether specifying flooring systems for the brewing industry with high air flow perforation patterns for drying hops or filtration panels for draining water and other fluids our perforated materials provide the optimal solution rmig offers customers the very latest cost-effective design and supply of perforated materials for all elements of the maltings process from barley intake and screening through steeping germination and kilning to malt storage and outloading malting floor manufactured in stainless steel grade 304en1.4301 open area 31 mash tun fermentation

petrochemical high tolerance perforated materials with rmig s vast experience in the construction and supply of specialist perforated materials to the petrochemical industry we have a broad range of perforated material solutions for a variety of

wide range of petrochemical applications · drilling systems · filtration processes · walk ways and balustrades · flooring · safety screens · building cladding systems safety balustrade pattern r6t9 acoustic and accommodation screening expandable sand screen in slotted perforation pattern manufactured in stainless steel grade

power generation perforated materials for the power industry rmig products are widely used in gas turbine power stations to provide high specification screens for · air inlet filtration systems · air inlet cooling systems · inlet exhaust silencers · acoustical enclosures · exhaust

pulp and paper vane screens for pulp and paper production our expertise in high specification perforated material is applied to create high efficiency separating vanes for the pulp and paper industry these tailor-made screen vanes adopt an r0.75t1.5 pattern in stainless steel 316len1.4404 material to provide the basis for fabricating these high tolerance separation vane panels that are used in multiple water separation rotors vane fabricated with r0.75t1.5 pattern perforated

due to the severe stresses of this application these individual rotor vanes can be easily replaced if any blockages or degradation occurs the perforation and pattern specifications can be tailored to cater for the full range of stringent requirements demanded in the paper manufacturing industry high tolerance separation vane

healthcare high grade perforated materials rmig produces perforated materials to all spheres of the pharmaceutical and medical industries working with high quality materials · steel · aluminium · high grade stainless steel as well as more exotic materials in the form of · duplex stainless · nickel alloys · a broad range of polypropylene substrates we have extensive experience in satisfying all application

autoclave manufactured in stainless steel grade 304en1.4301 pattern r6u8 sterilizing tray manufactured in stainless steel grade 304en1.4301 pattern r4m6 burr-free hole patterns our accurate perforation processes provide precise burr-free perforation patterns that can be tailored to suit specialist market needs whether it s a high open area 20mm diameter perforation pattern or a fine 0.5mm diameter perforation pattern we can adapt our production to satisfy the exacting demands as required by industry austria rmig lochbleche gmbh aumühlweg 21/114 ared-park a-2544 leobersdorf tel +43 2256 62482 fax +43 2256 62482 334 email vat no atu14699307 switzerland rmig ag industriestrasse 28 ch-4601 olten tel +41 62 287 88 88 fax +41 62 287 88 80 email vat no ch405 430 belgium rmig nv/sa victor bocquéstraat 11/1 industrieterrein noord iv b-9300 aalst tel +32 53 76 77 40 fax +32 53 76 77 49 email vat no be435963827 united kingdom rmig ltd adlington court risley road birchwood warrington cheshire wa3 6pl tel +44 1925 839 610 fax +44 1925 826 326 email vat no gb-818291124 registered england no 999363 denmark rmig a/s industriparken 40 dk-2750 ballerup tel +45 44 20 88 00 fax +45 44 20 88 01 email vat no dk64113119 denmark rmig a/s bodøvej 4 dk-8700 horsens tel +45 87 93 44 00 fax +45 87 93 44 01 email vat no dk64113119 france rmig s.a.s 12 rue andré citroën z.a des