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Diese Broschüre beschreibt Lochblechanwendungen in der Landwirtschaft. (Englisch)

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rmig 1409 1409 specialist processing screens increase crop yields rmig perforation without

best practice your performance and success is our business rmig is a world leading producer and supplier of high quality perforated metal screens for the agricultural industry rmig develops and produces high quality screens designed to meet today s large volume processing needs in all respects we are the largest perforation company in the world and located in 13 european countries with profound experience and ongoing development of innovative technology we offer you the best quality and service at competitive prices as a loyal and dedicated business 2 partner we strive to find or develop the optimal solution for our customers ­ every time and spot on we know our customers requirements for quality in every respect and meet their demands with uncompromising service precision and uniformity · dedicated and motivated staff with focus on your needs · local representation worldwide in more than 20 countries · state of the art production equipment to secure productivity and precision ·

pre-cleaning screens large range of screens for all kinds of crops rmig offers the largest range of perforated patterns for pre-cleaning screens that gently and thoroughly remove unwanted materials from all kinds of crops such as corn grain seed maize rice legume etc grain cleaning we offer a wide range of precision slot and round hole perforations in various thicknesses and materials for your specific need example example rice cleaning 3 round holes triangular pitch slot holes rectangular pitch tailor-made patterns rmig also offers to develop new patterns and in-house tool production in co-operation with you in order to optimize the cleaning of a specific crop pre-cleaning ­ cleaning will improve the storability of crop reduce price penalties at time of milling ­ and improve milling output and quality grain cleaning ­ cleaning will remove straw chaff weed seeds soil rubbish and other unwanted materials screening/sifting ­ smaller materials such as weed seeds soil particles and

grain drying screens we keep quality high ­ for you to keep prices low rmig delivers screens in both galvanised and stainless steel with optimal airflow and strength we guarantee high quality and effective processing while still being cost-effective screens for silo drying rmig produces high quality screens to make your processing more effective ­ and we always provide you with professional advice in your choice of perforation patterns and materials to optimize the process and your costs the design of the screen affects the airflow ­ and the airflow rate affects directly the drying rate we can tailor-make any design you wish round holes galvanised steel silo drying floor drying bridge holes 4 screens for floor drying rmig produces high quality screens to match your demand with the latest perforation technology to optimize production costs rmig screens used for grain drying channels optimal storage grain drying is a critical step in preparing the crops for storage the drying and

separation and grading screens high precision process for the complex separation process the quality of the perforation is extremely important for the final product quality and efficiency therefore precision efficiency and tight tolerance levels are common for all our solutions followed up by professional service and advice we offer a variety of commercial screens that make it cost-effective to achieve uniformity in size and shape of all kinds of crops this could include gravity tables rotary indented cylinders and length graders screens others rmig rm trieur is developed with a minimum of spacing between the `pockets to provide the maximum sorting/sifting per square metre ­ for you to maximize your equipment productivity · · trieur round maximum cells per m² extended quality control of cells to secure tolerances and lifetime of screens trieur flat rm trieur screens ­ most holes per m² rm trieur sheets are one of the most important components within specialist machinery that

hammer mill screens hammer mill screen maximum throughput rmig is specialised in the manufacturing of screens for hammer mills we can offer you maximum open area screens to provide maximum throughput and lifetime rmig can offer the world s largest variety of screens and sizes at competitive prices rmig offers two different types of perforation patterns designed to optimize the throughput and lifetime of your screen normal round hole perforation and perfocon · example round hole perforation for hammer mills with maximum open area and screen thicknesses from hole size 2.0 mm and upwards · example perfocon from hole size 0.20 mm to 2.0 mm in up to 2.0 mm thick material 3 mm round holes in 3 mm thick material with 4 mm pitch 51 open area perfocon ­ perfection in processing unique for rmig is the special product perfocon which offers specially shaped holes that allow easy exit of particles through the screen ­ even with small holes in 6 thick material a unique product in order to

malting rmig malting floors rmig produces high quality screens that are reliable and effective for malting processes we can offer you screens according to your specifications in stainless steel produced on high precision high speed equipment to secure optimal quality and production efficiency slot holes 1.75 x 20.0 mm in 1.5 mm stainless steel tailor-made screens for every possible crop after many years in the processing business we have developed a broad range of high performance screens for all kinds of crops moreover we will always be able to meet your demands with tailor-made solutions with more than 30,000 patterns at our disposal as your loyal and dedicated business partner we always strive to provide you with the optimal solution malting floor stock sheets 7 largest stock in the world if you are short of a certain type of screen contact us and we are most likely to have exactly what you need in stock you get the world s largest variety at competitive prices just ask for any austria rmig lochbleche gmbh aumühlweg 21/114 2544 leobersdorf tel +43 2256 62482 fax +43 2256 62482 334 belgium rmig nv/sa victor bocquéstraat 11/1 industrieterrein noord iv 9300 aalst tel +32 53 76 77 40 fax +32 53 76 77 49 denmark rmig a/s industriparken 40 2750 ballerup tel +45 44 20 88 00 fax +45 44 20 88 01 denmark rmig a/s bodøvej 4 8700 horsens tel +45 87 93 44 00 fax +45 87 93 44 01 france rmig s.a.s 12 rue andré citroën z.a des grandes terres b.p 314 69745 genas cedex tel +33 4 72 47 43 43 fax +33 4 72 47 43 20 germany rmig gmbh hallesche strasse 39 06779 raguhn tel +49 34 906 50 0 fax +49 34 906 20 202 germany rmig nold gmbh am katzloch 1 64589 stockstadt/rhein tel +49 6158 821 0 fax +49 6158 821 200 italy rmig s.p.a via trasta 3 16162 genoa tel +39 010 740 39 39 fax +39 010 740 39 00