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h-profile h 80-profil strength and flexibility h 80-profil is formed from twin extrusions of aluminium joined to form the immensly strong and practical h shape uniquely the extrusion can be formed into smooth curves in the factory fitting exactly with the contours of the room a large range of lighting modules can be fitted into the profile to produce chandeliers an bespoke lighting systems fitted perefctly to the space any mix of the h 80-profil available modules can be used giving you the ultimate tool to express your lighting creativity the dual compartments allow light sources and optics to be mounted below while control gear and electronics are mounted out of sight in the upper section each h 80-profil system is supplied fully finished wihout the need for remote control gear or complex assembly on site aluzylinder cura glaslinse glaszylinder pergamentzylinder pergamentwürfel 139