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manfred diez managing director the company ridi ridi leuchten gmbh is a medium-sized enterprise es­tablished in the marketplace as a supplier of technical luminaires for over 60 years today the ridi group is ideally placed with several production locations in germany and poland subsidiaries across europe and a large number of representations in germany and europe-wide a diverse product portfolio of luminaire models on-going development of its luminaires and bespoke design of non-standard models all set ridi apart as a manufacturer of quality ridi is also involved in the implementation of light planning projects ranging from simple lighting solutions to complex lighting control systems ridi‘s jungingen location encompasses a production area of around 35,000 square metres and is also the company headquarters the focus of production in jungingen is on louvre luminaires lighting systems architectural lighting and special luminaires a wide range of luminaire components are also

e-duo 10-127 10-713,10-717 accessories 38 10-770 10-777 10-778 10-779 zadv-winsta zel-bu-winsta zel-st-winsta zel-bu-winsta model description prod code 10-127 10-713 10-717 10-770 10-777 10-778 10-779 zadv-winsta-5-pol-da-2m zadv-winsta-5-pol-da-4m zadv-winsta-5-pol-nd-2m zadv-winsta-5-pol-nd-4m zel-bu-winsta-5-pol-da zel-bu-winsta-5-pol-nd zel-st-winsta-5-pol-da zel-st-winsta-5-pol-nd zel-tv-linect-winsta-5-pol-da zel-tv-linect-winsta-5-pol-nd fixing kit for trim strip ceilings universal fixing kit 23 to 55mm clamping thickness universal fixing kit 45 to 80mm clamping thickness fixing clip ebr clamping thickn t16 12-25mm t26 12-50mm fixing kit ebr for ecophon focus ds/dg height 14 mm fixing kit ebr for e.g owa tecta s31 height 19.5 mm fixing kit ebr for dipling kp height 8 mm exten wago-winsta pl/skt 5-core l1-n-sl-da-da 2m max 10a exten wago-winsta pl/skt 5-core l1-n-sl-da-da 4m max 10a exten wago-winsta pl/skt 5-core l1-l2-l3-n-sl,2m max 10a exten wago-winsta pl/skt 5-core

lf-led accessories zro 72 model description prod code zro frame opener

ridi linia ridi linia

gear tray vlg-f b vlg-f b with wide beam light distribution vlg-f design led gear tray made of sectional extruded aluminium powder coated white …ws-… silver …si-… or black sw ridi led linear modules fitted with mid-power leds for outstanding efficiency operating in conformity with selv the boards are pressed over their entire surface onto the aluminium base profile for optimum heat dissipation soldered joints of the led modules are tested for cavities and resistance to vibration and torsion in compliance with the most stringent quality standards no thermal coupling between the led modules and converters linear optics with wide beam light distribution made of clear uvstabilised pmma integrated flush in the gear tray end caps made of thermoplastic for conformity with ip54 protection rating the width of the gear tray is identical to the trunking spring steel clips for fixture of the gear tray in the trunking vlt in conjunction with trunking vlt for the

h-profile h 80-profil strength and flexibility h 80-profil is formed from twin extrusions of aluminium joined to form the immensly strong and practical h shape uniquely the extrusion can be formed into smooth curves in the factory fitting exactly with the contours of the room a large range of lighting modules can be fitted into the profile to produce chandeliers an bespoke lighting systems fitted perefctly to the space any mix of the h 80-profil available modules can be used giving you the ultimate tool to express your lighting creativity the dual compartments allow light sources and optics to be mounted below while control gear and electronics are mounted out of sight in the upper section each h 80-profil system is supplied fully finished wihout the need for remote control gear or complex assembly on site aluzylinder cura glaslinse glaszylinder pergamentzylinder pergamentwürfel

ruka 330 rk-led 330 h rk-led h semi-circular diffuser made from uv-stabilised opal acrylic pmma with smooth surface dimens [mm model lamps luminaire luminous flux [lm luminaire output [w luminaire efficiency [lm/w luminous colour energy efficiency class d h d1 rk-led 330/1800-840 h 4xled-m 3 w 1779 14 127 840 rk-led 330/1800-840 h-rs 4xled-m 3 w 1779 14 127 840 rk-led 330/2500-840 h 4xled-m 4 w 2439 19 128 rk-led 330/2500-840 h-rs 4xled-m 4 w 2439 19 128 a1 a a 2 360 135 332 272 a a 2 360 135 332 272 840 a a 2 360 135 332 840 a a 2 360 135 332 a2 el conv prod code dim conv dali prod code 232 0420655 0430655 232 0420655 396 272 232 0420660 272 232 0420660 396 accessories Ø 330 156 model description prod code dr-rk 330 al decorative ring brushed aluminium 0208035 634 dr-rk 330 es decorative ring stainless steel 0208035 636 dr-rk 330 sm decorative ring aluminium silver matt 0208035 607 dr-rk 330 w decorative ring white steel 0208035 wrk-led 330 h-o repl diffuser for rk-led