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solutions for hvac insulation paroc® stone wool – naturally durable insulation for hvac applications heating ventilation and air conditioning hvac should make our buildings comfortable healthy and safe places in which to live and work it is not enough however just to install the pipes and ducts durable fire-safe and energy-efficient hvac solutions must be built using durable fire-safe and energy-efficient products all paroc products are made of stone wool the properties of which make it ideal for hvac applications excellent thermal insulation on a wide service range the main purpose of thermal insulation is to prevent heat flow to or from the application to the surroundings the thermal conductivity of the insulation material is one of its most important properties stone wool has low thermal conductivity which makes it highly resistant to heat transfer reducing heat transfer results in direct savings in energy usage and costs there is a need for comfort cooling in buildings

solutions for hvac insulation service and knowhow rock-hard facts mixed with information about our services and support that is what you’ll find in this brochure at paroc we are not only producers of stone wool insulation products – we also offer advice and services to make your job easier so we have developed a range of practical tools that are both appreciated and much used if there is anything you are not sure about or if something is missing – here we are we gratefully receive any feedback on how we can make our service even better save energy and calculate with paroc calculus paroc has made the product selection process as easy as possible thermal insulation thickness is determined starting with the function the insulation will serve some of the common requirements are that the insulation solution must be profitable give a specified heat loss provide a fixed surface temperature prevent condensation and prevent freezing in order for these requirements to be

solutions for hvac insulation a wide range of applications the hvac systems of modern buildings perform a multitude of roles as this image illustrates from hot and cold water pipes to smoke and exhaust pipes the system must be insulated by a solution that is able to provide fire protection good thermal insulation properties and where necessary sound insulation another key role of the insulation is to prevent condensation building up and causing damage to the pipes and surrounding structures and equipment wastewater pipes pipe penetrations preinsulated ventilation machine chimney hot water pipes heating pipe elbows preinsulated heat exchanger cold water pipes

solutions for hvac insulation drainpipes thermally insulated air ducts fire-insulated air ducts condensation-insulated air ducts sound-insulated air ducts fire-insulated rectangular ducts

solutions for hvac insulation preventing condensation warm air contains moisture that condenses when it meets a cold surface the surface must be insulated so that the outer surface temperature of the insulation becomes higher than the condensation temperature of the surrounding air over time condensation can cause damage to pipes that reduces their service life the most important element in the insulation solution in terms of reducing water vapour transmission is the water vapour barrier paroc supplies a range of different products faced with an aluminium foil water vapour barrier for use in cold pipe applications when the outer temperature is +22 °c and the pipes inner temperature is +4 °c insulation is needed to prevent condensation aluminium foil-faced insulation prevents condensation build-up which would not only damage the pipe but as seen on the un-insulated pipe drip and cause damage to surrounding constructions surrounding air +22 ˚c rh 60 outer surface temperature

solutions for hvac insulation use paroc hvac bend alucoat t to insulate the pipe elbows as effectively as straight pipes the insulation work is quick easy and error-free 1 products and solutions effective insulation is not restricted to straight pipe sections as paroc has a good solution for pipe elbows as well paroc hvac section alucoat t and paroc hvac bend alucoat t are ideal for thermal and condensation insulation for pipes in most cases these products don’t require any additional cladding which makes the installation work quick and easy if there is a need for insulation to have an appearance that blends into the background we recommend paroc hvac greycoat sections and bends pipes insulated with paroc hvac section greycoat t products 2 3 installation in addition to the material properties of the insulation solution the effectiveness of the solution depends greatly on how well it is installed paroc hvac section alucoat t with its self-adhesive tape in the longitudinal joint

solutions for hvac insulation rectore nunt laute pedigendesto dolorest fugitia aut mole peritas picimporita dum et offic abo insulation solutions for ventilation systems ventilation systems require insulating for a number of reasons fire thermal sound and condensation insulation both individually and in any combination paroc has a wide range of advanced products and tested solutions that are specially designed to answer the insulation requirements of ventilation systems thermal insulation ventilation systems require thermal insulation in order to restrict and control heat loss in ducts that transport warm air reducing unnecessary heat loss is financially and environmentally beneficial by properly insulating the ducts you will restrict the unwanted heating of the surrounding environment and reduce the energy usage which saves you money condensation insulation with a high humidity air can easily condense on the outer surface of ducts containing material with a lower temperature than the

solutions for hvac insulation fire protection of ventilation ducts because ducts often pass from one fire area to another ventilation systems demand proper fire protection to prevent fire from spreading inside the building paroc products provide maintenance-free fire protection for the whole lifetime of the installation reliable fire safety in addition to their insulating properties paroc solutions provide a reliable structural fire safety solution that can eliminate the need for mechanical fire safety equipment such as sprinklers and dampers buildings with a commercial or domestic kitchen need flue ducts to carry the fumes out of the building paroc fire insulation products are ideal for this application as they prevent the spread of fires caused by burning fat in the ducts wall penetrations wall penetrations are an important part of a fire-resistant duct system and it is crucial that they are prepared according to an approved system paroc stone wool is an excellent material used in

solutions for hvac insulation on circular ducts the wired mat is cut to the right length according to the outer diameter of the insulation the pieces of mat are fixed to each other from the net either with separate wire hooks or by rounding the eyes of the net together with long vertical ducts the insulation needs to be fixed to the concrete building structure this can be done with steel wire or steel bars and wire methods vary locally so please check the valid requirements rectangular ducts close to a fireproof ceiling are fixed with pins if the distance from the duct to the ceiling is less than the required fire insulation thickness the upper side is allowed to remain uninsulated if the distance is the same only part of the upper side requires insulation because the rules and regulations vary from country to country they must always be checked locally

solutions for hvac insulation hartwall areena helsinki

paroc is the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient insulation solutions in the baltic sea region the cornerstones of our operations are customer and personnel orientation constant innovation profitable growth and sustainable development paroc products include building insulation technical insulation marine and offshore insulation sandwich panels and acoustic products the products are manufactured in finland sweden lithuania and poland and as of 2013 also in russia paroc has sales and representative offices in 14 european countries building insulation offers a wide range of products and solutions for all traditional building insulation the building insulation products are mainly used for the thermal fire and sound insulation of exterior walls roofs floors and basements intermediate floors and partitions sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels for interior acoustic control as well as industrial noise control products are available in the range technical insulation products are