Fahrrad Werkzeug 2017 von Park Tool USA

Weitere Park Tool USA Kataloge | Fahrrad Werkzeug 2017 | 68 Seiten | 2016-10-09


Seite 27 von Fahrrad Werkzeug 2017

park tool 349 690-xl soft bristle soaping brush 57.0mm facing cutter for htr-1 690-xxl 750.2 754.2 768 769 ak ek pk bmk mk 2 2 2 254 268 x park tool ak ek pk bmk mk 2 2 2 254 268 tool heavy duty shop apron supergrip carbon and alloy assembly compound hacksaw spoke bearing and cotter gauge socket and bit set shop cone wrench set 13mm to 24mm 26mm and 28mm dt-3 rotor truing gauge x x sa-3 x dt-3i.2 dial indicator for dt-3 x x 65.0mm facing cutter for htr-1 centering cone adaptor for htr-1 33.9mm 1-1/8” reamer for htr-1 43.8mm pilot for htr-1 head tube reaming extension for htr-1 xxxxx sac-2 dt-5.2 disc brake mount facing set dw-2 fag-2 790 1063 asc-1 55.9mm pilot for htr-1 high pressure inflation gauge anti-seize compound 4 oz x ffs-2 x x atd-1 adjustable torque driver x x fr-2 fr-3 av-5 axle and spindle vise inserts x x aws-1 x x aws-7 three-way hex wrench set 4 5 6mm three-way hex wrench set 2 2.5 3mm hex/torx® compatible y-wrench aws-10 aws-15 bbp-1 derailleur clutch wrench frame alignment gauge frame and fork end alignment gauge set frame fork and tube straightener freewheel remover shimano® sachs® sun race® freewheel remover sun tour 2-notch freewheel remover sun tour 4-notch freewheel remover atom® regina® splined zeus® cassette lockring tool shimano® x sram sun race cassette lockring tool with 5mm guide ® ® ® pin shimano sram sun race cassette lockring tool with 12mm guide pin shimano® sram® sun race® cassette lockring tool with handle shimano® sram® sun race® freewheel remover bmx freewheels with 1.37x24 tpi freewheel remover falcon freewheel remover bmx freewheels with 30x1mm threads freewheel remover wrench fork threading set grease gun aws-3 bbt-4 bbt-5 fr-11 bbt-9 bbt-10.2 bbt-16 x x three-way hex wrench set x x bottom bracket bearing press set xxxx bbt-32 xxxxx fr-8 x x frw-1 fts-1 gg-1 x x gp-2 super patch kit gsc-1 hbh-2 hbp-1 hcw-15 hcw-17 hcw-18 hhp-2 hmr-4 hpg-1 gearclean brush x handlebar holder hub bearing press set box end 36mm and bottom bracket pin spanner double-sided bottom bracket lockring hook spanner 30mm and 32mm head wrench bottom bracket tool for slotted cups and cups with raised 16mm wrench flats 36mm and 32mm headset wrench fixed-gear lockring tool bottom bracket wrench bearing cup press shop hammer high performance grease 4 oz hr-12 hr-14 hr-15 ht-6 ht-8 ht-10 htr-1 hxs-1.2 hxs-3 hex wrench 12mm hex wrench 14mm hex wrench 15mm hex tool 6mm hex tool 8mm hex tool 10mm head tube reaming and facing set set of hex wrenches stubby hex wrench set inf-2 ir-1.2 jh-1 mb-1 mg-2 shop inflator internal cable routing kit bench top small parts holder magnetic bowl nitrile mechanic’s gloves m/l/xl mlp-1.2 master link pliers xxxxxxxxx belt drive sprocket remover x x bdt-2 belt drive tension and alignment tool x x bfs-1 bo-2 bottom bracket facing set bottle opener x x x bsh-4 bt-2 bladed spoke holder fourth hand brake tool xxxx bts-1 cbw-1 bottom bracket tapping and facing set campagnolo® crank and bearing tool set open end wrench 8/10mm cbw-4 open end wrench 9/11mm cc-2 cc-3.2 ccp-22 chain checker chain wear indicator crank puller ccp-44 ccw-5 cdg-2 cf-2 crank puller crank bolt wrench 14mm and 8mm chainring diameter gauge cutting fluid cl-1 cm-5.2 cm-25 synthetic blend chain lube 4 oz cyclone chain scrubber professional chain scrubber cn-10 cnw-2 cp-1 cable and housing cutter chainring nut wrench chain whip pliers crc-1 crc-15 crp-2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx crown race cutting tool crown race cutter adaptor adjustable crown race puller xxxx crs-1 crown race setting system x x crs-15 csb-1 ct-3.2 1.5” crown race setting system carbon cutting saw blade screw type chain tool xxxxxx ct-4.3 ctp master chain tool with peening anvil replacement chain tool pin x 5 x 5 cwp-7 dag-2.2 compact crank puller derailleur hanger alignment gauge x x dc-1 digital caliper xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dcw-1 cone wrench 13/14mm 2 2 x dcw-2 cone wrench 15/16mm 2 2 x dcw-3 dh-1 cone wrench 17/18mm dummy hub xxxx dp-2 ds-1 ds-2 dt-2 threaded dummy pedal digital scale tabletop digital scale rotor truing fork x hcw-4 hcw-5 hcw-7 x x x fr-6 x x x fr-5h x x cbp-8 fr-5gt fr-7 xxxxxx fr-5g xxxxxxx fr-5 x x x fr-4 x self-extracting crank cap tool bdt-1 bbt-30.3 x fold-up hex set 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 5 6mm bike cleaning brush set bbt-29 x x bcb-4.2 bbt-22 x x bbt-49 bbt-59 bbt-69 bbt-79 bbt-90.3 bbt-19.2 x x bottom bracket tool for 8-notch shimano® and isis drive® bottom bracket tool for 16-notch external bearing cups bottom bracket tool for 30-tooth splined shimano® and isis drive® bottom bracket tool for dura ace® 11speed and fsa® megaevo bearing cups” bottom bracket bearing tool set bottom bracket tool for 20 notch shimano® and isis® drive bottom bracket tool 39mm bottom bracket tool 41mm bottom bracket tool 44mm bottom bracket tool 46mm press fit bottom bracket bearing set bbt-18 fr-1.3 x x bottom bracket tool for 6-notch campagnolo® bottom bracket/cassette lockring tool for campagnolo® 12-tooth bottom bracket tool for 16-notch external bearing cups adjusting cap tool for 8-spline hollowtech ii® ffg-2 xxxxxxxxxxx hcw-11 x x x scw-set.3 xxxxxxxx scw-13 to 19 sd-set x x sg-8 x x sgi-7 threadless saw guide oversized adjustable saw guide threadless saw guide for carbon composite forks saw guide insert x x sp-7 spa-1 side cutter pliers hanger cup pin spanner x x spa-2 spa-6 sr-11 chain whip 5 to 11-speed compatible sr-18 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mq-1 metric quad wrench x x metric wrench set of 12 metric wrench 8mm metric wrench 9mm x x mw-10 mwf-1 nd-1 metric wrench 10mm metric flare wrench 8mm/9mm nipple driver np-6 obw-4 om-1 paw-6 needle nose pliers offset brake wrench benchtop overhaul mat adjustable wrench 6” paw-12 ptd-4 adjustable wrench 12” 4 nm preset torque driver ptd-5 ptd-6 5 nm preset torque driver 6 nm preset torque driver xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ph-1 p-handled hex wrench set of 8 with holder x x ph-t1 p-handled star-shaped wrench set x x pp-1.2 hydraulic brake piston press x x ppl-2 polylube 1000 grease 1 lb tub x x pts-1 pw-3 pw-4 pzt-2 rp-set.2 rr-12 tire seating tool pedal wrench professional pedal wrench pizza tool ring pliers set of 5 tape measure xxxxxxxxxx rt-1 rt-2 headset cup remover steering race remover xxxxxxxxxx three-way socket wrench 8 9 10mm xxxx sw-5 mw-set.2 mw-8 mw-9 x x st-3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx chain whip for 1/8 cogs precision spoke wrench .130” precision spoke wrench .136” precision spoke wrench .156” dt torx® style splined nipple spoke wrench spoke wrench for campagnolo® spoke wrench for mavic® spoke wrench for mavic® spoke wrench for shimano® xxxxxxx sw-1 sw-2 sw-3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx precision spoke wrench .127” x x x sw-0 x x adjustable pin spanner x x x cluster cone pin spanner xxxxx rolling adjustable shop stool xxxxxx stl-2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx shop screwdriver set of 4 x x x sg-6 sg-7.2 x shop cone wrenches 13mm to 19mm xxxxxxxxxxx saw-1 sbc-1 sbs-1 x x ak ek pk bmk mk 2 2 2 254 268 park sw-11 sw-12 sw-13 sw-14.5 sw-15 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sw-20.2 sw-22.2 sw-40 sw-42 szr-1 tap-3 3-way internal nipple wrench internal nipple spoke wrench 3.2mm square socket internal nipple spoke wrench 3/16 hex socket internal nipple spoke wrench 5.0mm hex socket internal nipple spoke wrench 5.5mm hex socket internal nipple spoke wrench 6.0mm hex socket master spoke wrench .127” master spoke wrench .136” four-sided spoke wrench .127” four-sided spoke wrench .136” shop scissors pedal tap set 1/2” right and left tap-6 pedal tap set 9/16” right and left x x tap-7 tap-8 frame tap 3mm x .5 frame tap 5mm x .8 xxxx tap-9 frame tap 6mm x 1 x x tap-10 tap-12.1 frame tap 10mm x 1 frame tap 12mm x 1 frame tap 12mm x 1.5 frame tap 12mm x 1.75 xxxxxxxx frame tap 15mm x 1 frame tap 15mm x 1.5 xxxx tap-20.2 frame tap 20mm x 1 frame tap 20mm x 1.5 xxxx tap-20.3 frame tap 20mm x 2 x x tb-2 tire boot th-1 tap handle 1/4” x x th-2 tap handle 3/8” x x tl-1.2 tire levers tl-4.2 tl-5 tire levers set of 2 heavy duty steel tire levers set of 2 xxxx tl-6.2 tm-1 xxxxxx ts-4 ts-2di ts-ta steel core tire lever set of 2 spoke tension meter deluxe threadless nut setter for 1 and 1-1/8 forks professional truing stand dial indicator gauge set thru axle adaptors xxxxxx tsb-2 tw-5 tw-6 truing stand tilting base small clicker torque wrench big clicker torque wrench xxxxxx twb-15 tws-1 x x uk-1 up-set vc-1 15mm pedal wrench crow foot torx® compatible wrench set fold-up wrench set t7 t9 t10 t15 t20 t25 t27 t30 t40 torx® compatible three-way wrench t10 t25 t30 utility knife utility pick set valve core tool wag-4 wheel alignment gauge sw-16 sw-16.3 sw-17 sw-18 sw-19 tap-12.2 tap-12.3 tap-15.1 tap-15.1 tap-20.1 tns-4 tws-2 tws-3 x 2 x 3 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx werkzeug-sets 26