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Fahrrad Werkzeug 2017

18 sw-19 tap-12.2 tap-12.3 tap-15.1 tap-15.1 tap-20.1 tns-4 tws-2 tws-3 x 2 x 3 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx werkzeug-sets 26 ... to 24mm 26mm and 28mm dt-3 rotor truing gauge x x sa-3 x dt-3i.2 dial indicator for dt-3 x x 65.0mm ... pressure inflation gauge anti-seize compound 4 oz x ffs-2 x x atd-1 adjustable torque driver x x fr-2 fr-3 av- ... 5 axle and spindle vise inserts x x aws-1 x x aws-7 three-way hex wrench set 4 5 6mm three-way