MONARCH 7i VR 2017 von Nikon Schweiz

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Nikon GmbH
Zweigniederlassung Schweiz (Egg/ZH)
Im Hanselmaa 10
8132 Egg

Tel: 043 277 27 00
Fax: 043 277 27 01

Katalog MONARCH 7i VR 2017

x 75 100 x 75 x 6 vr monarch vcm futaba measurements target targets optical shift battery lens shift distance priority hunting fcc laser distance velocity 1m prismen prism exit optics emc axis downhill hype accuracy hyper texture products dioden oz result bright eye light eye eye light light fields shaper shape shapes after product key classe 5m roh 3v dc i shift id power compact over auto light

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sport optics nature optical vibration reduction laser rangefinder experience unshakeable confidence in distance measurement with the monarch 7i vr laser rangefinder vr stabilises images and helps you to target faster while hyper read shows results immediately – no time is wasted preparing your shot reduces hand vibrations by 80

key features ° optical vr reduces vibration for faster and easier measurement ° hyper read shows results instantly ° id technology for uphill or downhill shooting angles ° target priority switch system displays distance to nearest or furthest subject ° multilayer coating gives a brighter and clearer view ° compact and lightweight with ergonomic design stable view with vr unstable view without vr measurement range actual distance accuracy actual distance y lcd yawing horizontal movement vcm shifts the vr lens vertically vr lens vcm shifts the vr lens horizontally magnification x 6 effective objective diameter mm 21 actual field of view ˚ 7.5 exit pupil mm 3.5 eye relief mm dimensions lxhxw mm objective lens weight excluding battery g/oz power source x pitching vertical movement laser classification angular velocity sensor z light-emitting laser diode light-receiving photodiode light-receiving lens nikon europe b.v tripolis 100 burgerweeshuispad 101 1076er