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binocular basics table of con ten t s pp 9 27 binoculars pp 10 11 pp 12 13 performance factors nikon offers an extensive lineup of binoculars — including several of the world´s most popular series — for a diverse range of applications each model features various technical specifications that can help you in making the right selection magnification is usually considered most important but field of view brightness ease of handling weight feel ergonomics suitability for eyeglass wearers and overall construction should also be taken into account pp 14 15 pp 16 19 high grade pp 20 21 p 22 elegant compact p 23 compact pp 24 25 marine standard p 25 the standard for advanced nature observation p 26 stabileyes p 27 magnification magnification represented by a numerical value is the relationship between a subject´s actual proportions and its magnified size with 7x magnification for example a subject 700 metres distant appears as it would when viewed from 100 metres

binoculars 8x42/10x42/12x42/8x56/16x56/20x56 8x30/10x30/8x42/10x42 except 8x42 model a royal invitation to the magnificence of nature decades of design experience and expertise have made nikon a leading force in nature watching and enjoyment advanced technology evidenced by an amazingly bright and sharp field of view gives lovers of the outdoors the chance to observe nature in all its spectacular glory and treasure each vivid and captivating moment this unique heritage has led to the widely acclaimed reliable performance of monarch binoculars exquisite optical performance in a compact body delivering a wide field of view exceptional image quality realised with ed glass and dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating • sophisticatedly compact exterior design • extra-low dispersion ed glass for chromatic aberration compensation and clearer viewing • wide apparent field of view • dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating ensures superior

binoculars aculon t51 aculon a211 8x24/10x24 7x35/8x42/10x42/7x50/10x50/12x50/16x50/8-18x42/10-22x50 1 2 aculon a211 10-22x50 1 except zoom models 2 16x50 model only sophisticated elegance for wherever you go • slim compact and lightweight body • elegant sophisticated exterior design with metallic smooth-tothe-touch finish • multilayer-coated lenses for bright images • close focusing distance 2.5m • eco-glass optics are free of lead and arsenic • four alluring colour variations 8x24 in black silver pink and red 10x24 in black and silver aculon t51 8x24

binoculars marine 7x50cf wp/7x50cf wp global compass standard 7x50if hp wp tropical model with built-in scale available action ex nikon professional for smoother sailing for top performance in a marine environment nikon binoculars are the way to go all of the models in our marine lineup deliver crisp brilliant images they re filled with nitrogen gas and sealed with o-rings to minimise the effect of temperature changes making them ideal for rugged nautical applications and select models even feature a built-in compass to keep you on course waterproof weather-resistant binoculars you can count on 7x50if hp wp tropical easy focus on water or land trusted standard for fisheries and professional marine navigation • quick easy-to-use central focusing system • waterproof up to 1m/3.3 ft for 5 minutes and fog-free with o-ring seals and nitrogen gas • built-in global compass with illuminator and scale 7x50cf wp global compass • long eye relief design ensures a clear

fieldscopes a whole wide world of discovery nikon offers a broad selection of the finest fieldscopes and interchangeable eyepieces all delivering peerless magnification through brilliant optics while featuring rugged construction what’s more by attaching nikon digital cameras to our fieldscopes you can capture and enjoy great close-up photos without having to carry along heavy telephoto lenses 28

fieldscopes nikon digiscoping system this convenient system makes it possible to record images viewed through a fieldscope connecting a fieldscope using an attachment or bracket for a nikon digital slr camera an advanced camera with interchangeable lenses nikon 1 series or a nikon coolpix series camera makes it easy for the user to capture super-telephoto images now thanks to the unrivalled combination of nikon cameras and nikon scopes you’ll achieve striking images in a way that no other system can offer with nikon coolpix digital cameras with digital slr cameras edg fieldscopes 85 vr/85-a vr 85/85-a/65/65-a 85 vr/85-a vr 85/85-a/65/65-a digital slr cameras prostaff 5 fieldscopes 82/82-a/60/60-a with advanced camera with interchangeable lenses nikon 1 series fieldscopes ed50/ed50 a edg fieldscopes 85 vr/85-a vr 85/85-a/65/65-a fieldscopes ed50/ed50 a edg fieldscope eyepieces fep series prostaff fieldscope eyepieces sep series sep-25/sep-38w/sep-20-60 digiscoping bracket dsb-n1

laser rangefinders id technology displays horizontal distance and actual distance — achieving long-distance measurement up to 1,200m 1,300 yd • measurement range 7.3-1,200m/8-1,300 yd • horizontal distance display mode and actual distance display mode can be easily switched — id incline/decline technology • target priority switch system for measuring overlapping subjects first target priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject — useful when measuring the distance to a subject in front of an overlapping background distant target priority mode displays that of the farthest subject — useful in wooded areas • quick and stable measurement response regardless of distance — hyper read • displays the measurement result in approx 0.5 second • single or continuous measurement up to 8 seconds • compact lightweight and ergonomic design • high-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright

exceptional optics for specialised needs binocular telescope dedicated applications demand the expert attention that only nikon delivers • large 120mm objective diameter and multilayer coating for bright images even in the dark • sharp image realised by aberration compensation • waterproof up to 2m/6.6 ft for 10 minutes filled with nitrogen gas fog-free and dust resistance • shock and corrosion-resistant structure • long eye relief design ensures a clear field of view even for eyeglass wearers • easy handling with 360° azimuth and -30° — +70° tilting • height with stand binocular tubes in horizontal position 440mm • rigid fixed-pillar stand option is available 20x120 iii binocular telescope model name 20x120 iii magnification x 20 objective diameter mm 120 angular field of view real ˚ 3.0 angular field of view apparent ˚ 55.3 field of view at 1,000m m 52 exit pupil mm 6.0 relative brightness 36.0 eye relief mm

binoculars note apparent field of view is calculated based on the iso 14132-1:2002 standard for details see p 54 model name aculon w10 aculon t51 aculon t11 aculon a211 prostaff 7s 10x42 prostaff 5 8x42 prostaff 5 10x42 prostaff 5 10x50 prostaff 5 12x50 aculon t01 8x21 aculon t01 10x21 aculon w10 8x21 aculon w10 10x21 aculon t51 8x24 aculon t51 10x24 aculon t11 8-24x25 set at 8x magnification x 10 8 10 10 12 8 10 8 10 8 10 8-24 aculon a211 7x35 7 objective diameter mm 42 42 42 50 50 21 21 21 21 24 24 25 35 angular field of view real/degree 6.2 6.3 5.6 5.6 4.7 6.3 5.0 6.3 5.0 6.2 5.3 4.6 9.3 angular field of view apparent/degree 56.9 47.5 52.1 52.1 52.4 47.5 47.2 47.5 47.2 46.9 49.7 35.6 59.3 163 specifications field of view at 1,000m m 108 110 98 98 82 110 87 110 87 108 93 80 exit pupil mm 4.2 5.3 4.2 5.0 4.2 2.6 2.1 2.6 2.1 3.0 2.4 3.1 5.0 relative brightness 17.6 28.1 17.6 25.0 17.6 6.8 4.4 6.8 4.4 9.0 5.8 9.6 25.0 eye relief mm 15.5 17.5 15.2 19.6 15.5 10.3 8.3 10.3 8.3 12.2 10.6

fieldscopes fieldscopes prostaff 3 fieldscopes model name prostaff 3 fieldscope magnification x angular field of view real/degree angular field of view apparent/degree field of view at 1,000m m approx exit pupil mm relative brightness eye relief mm 16-48 2.3 at 16x 35.6 at 16x 40 at 16x 3.8 at 16x 14.4 at 16x 19.0 at 16x apparent field of view is calculated based on the iso 14132-1:2002 standard for details see p 54 model name 82 prostaff 5 fieldscope 82-a 82 377 392 prostaff 5 fieldscope 82 objective diameter mm 1 length mm 1 width mm 1 weight g prostaff 3 fieldscope 60 prostaff 5 fieldscope 60-a 60 60 50 50 290 305 313 209 207 prostaff 5 fieldscope 60 2 fieldscope ed50 fieldscope ed50 a 95 95 85 85 74 71 71 950 960 740 750 620 455 470 eyepieces for fieldscope ed50/ed50 a model name magnification x angular field of view real/degree angular field of view apparent/degree 3 field of view at 1,000m m approx exit pupil mm relative brightness eye relief mm weight g 13-30 3.0 at 13x

nikon is constantly developing new ways to prevent environmental pollution and ensure a healthier ecosystem under the nikon basic policy for green procurement — a diverse range of activities designed to reduce the environmental impact of our products — we employ materials parts and packaging items produced with special concern for the environment we also cut waste by implementing environmental policies that extend the life of our products and simplify repairs while minimising energy consumption through more efficient use of power at nikon we re wholly committed to developing innovative and exciting eco-friendly products for our precious world the product lineup listed in this brochure is correct as of the time of printing and is subject to change without notice while availability may vary according to region specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer the colour of products in this brochure may