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nice looking for ways that don’t exist not yet accessories to complete your automation versatile and practical range to take care of your comfort and home safety 48 nice home and building automation 49 switches and selectors era keypad digital selectors for recessed surface-mounted and wireless installation era key switch key selectors for surface and recessed installation with automatic return lock era transponder reader transponder proximity reader for cards and badges surface-mounted installation photocells and flashing lights era photocells slim fixed synchronized photocells ideal for tight spaces era photocells medium synchronized photocells fixed or positionable ideal for the most popular systems era photocells large synchronized photocells fixed or positionable ideal for concealed installations era light led flashing signal light era tcw solemyo wireless sensitive edge transmitter with photovoltaic cells era photocell solemyo wireless with photovoltaic cells era post outdoor aluminium posts for photocells selectors and proximity readers with height 500 mm and 1000 mm solemyo for solar powered automations solemyo solar power kit era post solemyo for era photocells era light solemyo led flashing light with photovoltaic cells.