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nice looking for ways that don’t exist not yet system for integrated building management a series of modules combined and installed on a din rail offer innovative control units and guarantee an easy integration with the most used protocol in the building automation industry 40 nice home and building automation 41 din power supply modules dmlps din module low power supply to power all din modules in the nice modular system dmbpd din module bus and power distribution to distribute the bus signal and power to all interface and connectivity modules in the system din interface modules dmdcm din module dry contact motor to connect up to 2 groups of motors and operators to the modular system through low voltage dry contact outputs dmam din module ac motor to connect any commercially available ac tubular motor with three-wire connection cable to the nice modular system through high voltage outputs din connection modules dmbd din module radio for the radio control of devices connected to the nice modular system dmbm din module building management interface to manage advanced systems this module makes nice an open system compatible with the most used protocols in the building automation industry dmknx din module konnex it allows nice automations to be interfaced with building management systems operating on a konnex bus.