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wall bracket click it easy ae de series 210 vogels sanyo ppl ppt sanyo video click board fit click safe click ppw 4 projector de wall screen wall mount 1 vogel t short in and out screen wall mount voegel short s video adapter easy roll handy adapter computer screen touch it easy lock easy click touch screen click it whiteboard top roll management by system lock it monitorhalterung

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ppw 406 wall mount for sanyo plc xl50 vogel s offers a wide range of projector mounting solutions ppa 400 wall mount ppc series ceiling mounts ppl series lift systems ppa 400 maximum load 10 kg weight bracket 3.5 kg minimum distance to wall 780 mm maximum distance to wall 1380 mm height adjustment 50 mm distance measured from wall to centre adapter plate ppw 406 dedicated for sanyo plc xl50 maximum load 10 kg weight bracket 3.1 kg minimum distance to wall 65 mm maximum distance to wall 210 mm height adjustment 50 mm distance from wall to front projector ppt 2300 projector trolley 5 request our extensive catalogue with our entire range of solutions www.vogels.com/profcat www.vogels.com px 70142 © 09/2008 subject to printing errors technical and price amendments innovating the audio/video experience 304 projector support.indd 1 06-07-2009

short throw projector mounts easy installation and adjustment 304 projector support.indd 2 06-07-2009

short throw projector mounts the interactive whiteboard market is a fast growing business in order to serve this market vogel s introduces short throw projector mounts an interactive whiteboard is basically a touch sensitive screen connected to a computer and projector short throw projectors are preferred compared to standard projectors because of the reduced shadow effect and health and safety issues the ppa 400 wall mount is especially designed for this category this wall mount has unique features especially for short throw applications which will reduce installing and adjustment time considerably the ppa 400 has a height adjustment and correction functionality a telescopic depth setting and a universal projector adapter on top of that this wall mount has a stylish design and a lightweight aluminium construction the ppw 406 wall mount is especially designed for the sanyo plc xl50 projector it contains the same features as the ppa 400 the tilt and roll functionality has been futher

ppa 400 cables neatly hidden the cable management system neatly hides the cables out of sight ppw 406 for sanyo plc xl50 easy maintenance using the handy click in/click out system makes it easy to attach or remove the projector for service purposes universal the universal projector adapter will fit most projectors and has tilt roll and turn functions for an optimal viewing position security pin lock screws are added for additional security fine tune adjustment tilt roll and turn functions ensures optimal calibration solid and safe the wall mounts are made out of durable and sturdy materials which enables a steady projection image easy installation due to the lightweight construction installation can be done by one person only easy adjustment the projector can easily be adjusted in height and distance to the board 304 projector support.indd 4 06-07-2009