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a we wanted thesolution that was aesthetically adapted to station environment while not contributing to the media noise jernhusen set some very clear requirements when it invited tenders for new advertising displays at its stations in stockholm gothenburg and malmö the units must be visually attractive and preferably integrated with the facades or the surroundings lars-christer andersson points out that the company was very careful to find a solution that would appeal to the end customer which in this case was passengers if they didn t like the displays the message would not have the intended effect and advertisers would not purchase advertising slots it was a challenge to present media channels that blended into not only the special architecture of the older station buildings from the turn of the 19th century but also more modern surroundings such as cityterminalen in stockholm and malmö station lars-christer andersson jernhusen media we decided that sms basic suggestion was

the slim elegant design makes it possible to mount several media cabinets next to each other without creating an overdominant effect the double mounting exposes the message to both arriving and departing

ceiling mounting gives a light and airy