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lock it tile modular adapter wall bracket samsung side by side screen wall mount screen wall mount 2 screen wall mount 1 npt adapter ultra slim side byside screen floor stand projector 300 w large frame flexible flat cable ul approved cable black mag protect clean microsoft outlook 7 wifi connection click it cad details 400 x 200 x 100mm z axis eight to the bar 1 2 fly com premier patent cs mount premiere receiver specialized 2012 ae de series 210 psd lmv ecm pds cpa inw revit dpb pbr bh153 scissor scm classroom ql t84 header psp black bims thin wall dbh p72 visualizer t72 barrels

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table of contents bim building information modeling pg 1 how to work with custom mounts from concept to installation premier mounts custom team is there to help pg 4 custom mount case studies one of a kind boardroom table with motorized lift custom enclosure for digital signage pg 5-6 projector mounts simple installations to quickly and easily secure your projector ceiling short-throw security false ceiling adapters pg 7-22 pg 9-14 pg 15-19 pg 20 pg 21-22 flat-panel display mounts easily install and adjust any display for an optimal view articulating low profile flat tilting low profile a/v shelves flat tilting low profile cable flat tilting ceiling for carts stands rotating pg 23-97 pg 27-33 pg 34-39 pg 40-42 pg 43-47 pg 48-49 pg 50-55 pg 56-60 pg 61 2 table of contents 800.368.9700

flat-panel p23 projector mounts short-throw universal short-throw projector arm with audio uni-pds-aud d a d msrp $997.00 color white lifetime warranty warranty 3 year the uni-pds-aud combines the universal pds-plus-w mount with a universal short-throw projector wall mount and powerful stereo audio system it extends 7 27 in from the wall or up to 67 in when used with an optional arm extension it does not require a stud located in the center of the whiteboard or screen and mounts to dual studs at 16 18 or 24 in spacing the included compact power amplifier cpa-50 powers the speakers and supports multiple stereo inputs for connecting to a projector microphone and other sound sources features slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs four long and two short to reach wider mounting points multiple audio inputs including a line-level microphone input patent-pending gearboxtm enclosure securely stores the cpa-50 amplifier and third-party devices such as microphone receivers and

projector p7 flat-panel articulating swingout mount for flat-panel displays up to 175 lb 80 kg carts stands p98 am175 5 msrp $368.00 color black lifetime warranty the am175 is a swingout mount for flat-panel displays up to 175 lb 80 kg typically fits displays ranging from 42 63 in or displays with a mounting pattern of 200 x 200 mm to 650 x 820 mm the am175 allows up to 45° of swivel 10° of tilt and extends 3.2 to 16 in from the wall features combine with inw-am325 in-wall box for a flush mount installation patented griplatestm us patent number 8,035,757 b2 support the flat-panel and holds the display tight on its mounting brackets 10° of tilt and up to 45° of swivel pull out arms extend 3.2 16 in from the wall for flat-panel displays up to 175 lb accessories inw-am325 recessed wall mount for am175 and am300 msrp $347.00 gb-inwavp in-wall a/v and power gearboxtm msrp $84.00 30 flat-panel 800.368.9700

projector p7 carts stands p98 case study flat-panel precision mounts for emergency operating centers eonas the mounts slim open-access for cable routing and power access was perfect for installing the video wall also the mounts can handle flatpanels up to 63 and feature an adjustable tilt of 12° putting the flatpanel at the perfect viewing angle overview the beverly hills emergency operations center eoc a command center for various city agencies in the event of an emergency or disaster needed flat-panel mounts to create mission-critical video walls project details premier mounts pcm-ms2 flat-panel mount was chosen for the project because of quality ease of installation and the range of displays available to fit the mount system integrator spinitar the locking screws also keep the mounts secure against the high amount of traffic in the area the mounts griplatetm washers made the installation process quick and accurate the tilting mounts enabled the video wall configuration for

projector p7 carts stands p98 for carts stands flat-panel universal vesa pole mount lifetime warranty msrp $129.00 color black vpm p the keyhole allows for hassle free installation of displays simply slide the flat-panel into place and secure the screws for a quick and easy setup the vpm features a wide variety of adjustment features including tilt and rotation for optimal viewing placement mount flat-panels back-to-back on a single pole due to the angled adapter shape allowing two vpms to be mounted on the same pole features includes 200 x 200 vesa adapter plate and tilt adapters that allow and additional 10° of tilt 22° total includes both standard and lock-ittm security hardware pack heavy-duty design makes this mount ideal for security rental and staging applications mounts on poles and pipes with a diameter of up to 2 in angled adapter shape allows two vpms to be mounted in a back-to-back position perfect for mounting public view monitors twelve degrees of omni-directional

projector p7 flat-panel modular video wall flat large matrix video wall mount carts stands p98 lmvf m msrp $700.00 color black lifetime warranty the lmvf video wall flat-panel framing system is a customizable video wall mounting system featuring multi-monitor stacking open design custom spacers and patent-pending top-adjustable mounting brackets with three labeled adjustment points on each arm the lmvf may be used instead of the lmv in areas of a video wall where access to a display is possible without the lmv s spring-loaded scissor arm extensions features centralized adjustments model-specific spacers to fit most large video wall displays top-adjustable display mounting brackets for aligning the display in x y and z plane a large matrix video wall mount for permanent installations accessories lmv-102 model-specific video wall spacer msrp $150.00 lmv-104 model-specific video wall spacer msrp $150.00 lmv-106 model-specific video wall spacer msrp $150.00 lmv-120 model-specific video

projector p7 flat-panel mega mounts mega mount for 103 displays and larger carts stands p98 am502 2 msrp $1695.00 color black lifetime warranty the am502 is a model-specific wall mount for the panasonic 103 in and runco 103 in display with a weight capacity of 500 lb the mount s dual articulating arms allow even the heaviest display to be pulled away from the wall for service or alignment the positive and negative tilt adjustment allows the mount to be installed level and plum as well as account for involuntary display tilt due to equipment weight the mount also features a 360 degree rotation to orient the display in landscape or portrait mode or any other arbitrary angled orientation there are three different mounting brackets for different size displays only one included with each configuration also refer to am500 and am501 features am500 kit extends 15 in from the wall landscape and portrait orientation 360 degree rotation am501 kit for panasonic 103 in and runco 103 in

flat-panel p23 carts stands accessories p117 mobile flexible and durable mounting options a s all bases poles and mounts are interchangeable and may be reconfigured select a base lightweight or heavy-duty with or without casters poles are available in different lengths and finishes 40 60 72 or 84 in and chrome or black powder-coated overview customize a cart or stand or choose from a pre-configured setup choose the mount based on screen size and display weight available options include fixed tilting or rotating mounts add an equipment or camera shelf brochure holder or premier mounts revolutionary dual pole adapter mount project details mix and match individual parts for special projects route cables through the poles mount adapter included to attach display mount to poles chrome or black powder-coated poles many post installation accessories available website keyword cs-feature related products eb-base elliptical floor stand base with psdspa adapter msrp $510.00 a customized cart

flat-panel p23 accessories p117 carts carts stands elliptical mobile cart with 72 in chrome poles lifetime warranty msrp $798.00 color black psd-eb72c c the psd-eb72c elliptical floor stand with 72 in polished chrome poles can be used as a mobile display cart or static stand adapts to rotary series ufa usa and ctm series mounts not included features complete cart includes one dual-display adapter psdspa works with ctm rtm-s rtm-l ufa or usa mounts available in 60 and 72 heights cable management inside poles includes 2 locking and 2 non-locking heavy-duty casters adjustable flat-panel placement along poles for perfect viewing height 4.50 3.43 [114 [87 4.375 [111 1.81 3.24 [45 [82 36.19 [919 25.20 [640 90° 5.25 [133 4.50 [114 6.00 [152 6.00 [152 71.50 [1816 7.05 [179 1.60 [41 34.19 [868 accessories cmp lightweight cover pack for carts stands msrp $95.00 psd-shb shelf for dual pole carts and stands msrp $158.00 psd-hdca heavy-duty clamp adapter and flat-panel mounts msrp $295.00

carts stands p98 in-wall boxes accessories recessed wall mount for am50 lifetime warranty msrp $231.00 color white inw-am200 w 0 the inw-am200 in-wall box allows for recessed wall mounting of our am50 swingout arm no mount disassembly required the mount can be placed directly into the in-wall box simply fasten the mount s adapter plate to the in-wall box then attach the mount to the wall plate features cable routing along frame and through knockouts integrated pem-nut hardware 14 width fits snug within standard 16 studs frame allows for a finished look recess mount for am50 swingout mount formerly am2 installation kit includes wood shims for gaps accessories am50-b dual arm swingout mount for flat-panel displays up to 50 lb 23 kg msrp $175.00 800.368.9700 accessories