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mounting solutions for

projector mounts security installation accessories mounts security t installation s s your comprehensive solution for all projector installations innovative and easy to install projector mounts including the industry s first precision gear projector mount a full line of projector mount accessories for almost any application from cathedral ceilings in houses of worship to structural ceilings in home theaters to suspended ceilings in classrooms four levels of security to protect projectors from vandilism or

projector mounts 5 the exclusive horizontal 4 achieve pin-point image alignment with the unique adjustment knobs activate and control the precision gear by simply turning the adjustment knobs with a screwdriver or extend them to adjust by hand wrench access slot means it takes fewer steps to install the projector just slide an open-ended wrench into the slot to simultaneously make the final swivel adjustment and secure the mount into position 7 projector maintenance is effortless with the exclusive quick-release aluminum track design just release the thumbscrew and the projector smoothly slides in and out of the mount no tools required 3 the exclusive patent-pending precision gear reduces installation time and makes the mount easier than ever to align it takes only seconds to set the projector the way you want it the gear mechanism ensures the image will not misalign if the projector is bumped or touched during maintenance prg precision gear projector mount prg-unvs w spider ®

projector mounts 3 prs series projector mount prs-unv s w spider ® universal models prs dedicated models prs-3540 45 clamp-style universal models 1 color black silver or white 2 25 lb load capacity 3 three independent axes for precise image alignment 4 tilt +20 5º roll ±10º swivel 360º with extension column 5 flush ceiling mountable for a low-profile installation other mounting options with accessories 6 quick-release for easy projector access and maintenance 7 includes cable management openings to route cords through extension column or direct mount exit 8 works with spider ® universal adapter plate model-specific adapter plate or universal clamp-style adapter plate 9 security hardware included for theft protection 10 pre-assembled design saves installation time spider ® universal 5 dedicated clamp-style 6 prs series projector mount prs-kit0811 prs-kit1420 prs-kit2026 1 color black 2 25 lb load capacity 3 comes in three adjustable height ranges in 1 increments 9.6 12.6

security mounts and accessories you can choose up to four levels of security to protect your projector with peerless mounts first our mounts are offered standard with security fasteners at each connection point second theft-deterrent cables are applied either directly to the projector chassis or wrapped around the carrying handle to visually and physically deter theft third we add a key-lock that protects all the security attachment hardware fourth for the maximum prevention of loss and vandalism peerless enclosures completely protect the projector and mount and offer the ultimate in visual theft deterrence and physical security whichever level of protection you can be assured that peerless offers the professional-grade quality you can trust projector security mount psm-unv s w pjf2-style psmu-prs s w prs-style pjf2-style 1 color black silver or white 2 load capacity psm-unv 50 lb psmu-prs 25 lb 3 two-piece hinged tray design with key lock security protects projector attachment

armor locktm plus security cable with equipment slot lock acc020 1 can be used with any projector with a built in security slot lock 2 features a security slot lock with a security cable and attachment plate for the projector mount 3 ships with a 3/16 diameter cable a kensington® lock security screws security allen wrench and an attachment plate armor locktm plus security cable acc021 1 can be used with any projector 2 ships with 1/4 diameter cable security screws security allen wrench permanent high-strength adhesive and an attachment plate 3 can be attached with either a security screw or high-strength adhesive projector wall arm pwa14s w 1 color black silver or white 2 14 long arm provides versatile wall mounting option 3 installs to wood stud 4 metal stud or concrete mounting option with accessory 5 50 lb load capacity lightweight adjustable suspended ceiling kit cmj500 1 mounts above 2 x 4 or 2 x 2 false ceiling tile 2 includes tie wire supports flush mount tube and

i-beam clamps acc558 acc559 1 acc558 clamps onto 4 8 i-beam 2 acc559 clamps onto 7 12 i-beam 3 250 lb load capacity lightweight cathedral ceiling acc912 1 120 degrees of adjustment 60 degrees 2 compact lightweight and easy to install 3 75 lb load capacity anti-vibration ceiling plates acc840 acc845 1 acc840 for structural ceiling wood only 2 acc845 for unistrut ® ceiling 1-5/8 x 1-5/8 unistrut ® 3 reduces unwanted vibrations that may cause the screen image to vibrate 4 features two cord management access holes 5 patent pending 6 60 lb load capacity extension column stabilizer kit acc050 1 used to reduce unwanted swaying that may occur with longer extension columns 2 includes a pipe clamp two stabilizer column supports and hardware for mounting to wood joists side-to-side adjuster acc830 1 provides 4 of radial adjustment side to side for precise lateral positioning 2 can also be used in conjunction with cord management adapters and projector wall arm pwa14s w 3 includes flush

about peerless industries inc for more than 40 years peerless has designed and manufactured the world s most comprehensive line of professional-grade audio/visual mounting systems for flat panel tvs projectors televisions speakers security cameras computers and other technology accessories used in both the commercial and consumer markets built on decades of experience and proven expertise peerless offers its customers the best overall value by providing the right combination of high performance mounting solutions affordable pricing and complete services and support peerless industries is iso 9001 certified and is an approved underwriters laboratories testing site peerless industries inc 3215 w north avenue melrose park il 60160 usa toll free 800-865-2112 708-865-8870 fax 708-865-2941 © 2009 peerless industries inc all rights reserved lit-0155