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one touch all turn it out look snap on tools ever clean matter track slot free turning tool holder vga extender ever after high pre set tool one way slide in and out get one its so easy you all in one just do it quick release at home de pre screwdriver drift quick out on sight anywhere power clean easy snap home way align fasteners white power up open time easy roll tool management first need new release perfect power quick key t slot mounting tool extend projector space gear snap it no touch maintenance set snap on forget drop point quick roll power tool process control 2 quick snap

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prg precision gear projector mount cleaner cables and cords are quickly tucked out of sight and out of harm s way with cable access management ample space accommodates every cable and cord you ll need including vga connectors and power cord plugs precise peerless exclusive patent-pending precision gear reduces installation time and makes the mount easier than ever to align achieve pin-point precision by simply turning the adjustment knobs it takes only seconds to set the projector exactly how you want it without ever having to worry about readjustments once you position the gear it stays securely in place so you can set it and forget it faster the exclusive horizontal wrench access slot means it takes fewer steps and less time to complete installation just slide an open-ended wrench into the wrench slot to perform the final swivel adjustment in flush mount applications simultaneously securing the mount into position you no longer have to remove or even touch the projector during

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