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video conferencing telepresence mounting solutions chief s suite of video conferencing and telepresence mounting solutions and accessories were engineered to support the wide variety of equipment required for these applications exclusive features fast installation and fully configurable designs provide state-of-the-art technology integration for this growing market

video conferencing telepresence flat panel mounting solutions customizable video conferencing systems chief provides fully configurable mounting systems to create custom video conferencing and telepresence suites having the right system with mounts and accessories that integrate seamlessly is key to creating a fully functional video conferencing solution configurations choosing a display mount chief has a wide variety of display mounts with differing functionality options include fixed tilt swing arm or mobile carts stands fusion fixed tilt mounts fusion is one of the most flexible mounting systems on the market a suite of accessories work with the mount for a fully integrated solution fine tune adjustments after installation level and height-adjust the entire configuration swing arm mounts use a swing arm mount when you need flexible position of the flat panel tv chief s swing arms are compatible with a variety of component and speaker accessories mobile carts stands get

conferencing adding components chief designed a number of unique accessories specifically for mounting codecs set tops cameras cpus and other components engineered to fit with the most common video conferencing brands chief s line of component accessories integrate seamlessly with the mount confirm equipment compatibility chief offers a full set of cad dwg and manuals for each mount and accessory showing 1:1 overall dimensions and views download directly from the chief website at lsmutm fusion mounts pfcutm cart 1 1 2 7 2 5 4 4 3 1 5 6 3 1 2 3 fvs200tm/fvs250tm 8 and 12 vc shelves above 5 fcc100tm center channel speaker adapter pac715tm vc shelf 4 pac735tm a/b/c stackable secure storage cabinet 2 3 fca100tm cat 5/surge cpu adapter 6 flr100tm left/right speaker adapter pac722tm/mac722tm side-by-side dual display 5 pac784tm height assist fcs100tm single component shelf below pac790tm/mac790tm swivel adapter 7 fck008tm/fck016tm 8 and 12 connector kits 4 fcd100tm

fusion fixed tilt mounting systems accessories fvs200tm/fvs250tm 8 and 12 vc shelves above fvs300tm/fvs350tm msmu lsmu xsmu 8 and 12 vc shelves between specifications model msmutm lsmutm xsmutm tv range 26 47 37 63 55 75 depth from wall 1.96 50 mm 1.96 50 mm 1.96 50 mm lateral shift 14.5 368 mm 17.5 445 mm 23.5 597 mm weight capacity 125 lbs 56.7 kg 200 lbs 90.7 kg 250 lbs 113 kg fvs100tm/fv1250tm 8 and 12 vc shelves below fck008tm/fck016tm 8 and 12 connector kits note tilt models also available varies with screen mounting pattern and stud placement mobile carts stands accessories pac722tm side-by-side dual display pac735tm a/b/c stackable secure storage cabinet pac715tm vc shelf pac251tm cpu adapter specifications model mfcu tm tv range 30 55 30 55 42 71 42 71 tilt ±15 ±15 ±15 ±15 height adjustment 4 6 ft 1.2 1.8 m 4 7 ft 1.2 2.1 m 4 6 ft 1.2 1.8 m 4 7 ft 1.2 2.1 m weight capacity 125 lbs 56.7 kg 125 lbs 56.7 kg 200 lbs 90.7 kg 200 lbs