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stack-lift® it s great to have solutions

· nl · dutc h are you searching for the ultimate solution for an easy and quick set-up for training and presentation on site the bigger higher the better but how to handle bigger and higher also means more handling and increasing risks the available sizes and weights of current available flat panels make it a hard job to control and install these giant products the moment a flightcase opens the chances of risks increase combining more than 25 year of experience in flightcase building and being specialist on presention solutions the stack-lift® is the ultimate combination of audipack trades qualit 2 ro du yp ct 1

stack-lift® the product to offer a profitable and valuable solution that contributes to a presentation on a higer level audipack has introduced a new product line called the stack-lift assemble the stack-lift without using any tool and enjoy and benefit the luxury and rigid appearance the stack-lift range combines a presentation product for medium sized flat panels with ergonomic personal use on every location this lift system is able to assist during the installation of a flat panel up to any height on the column audipack has combined a rigid flightcase packaging and presentation in one using the known audipack lock `n secure l&s3 and l&s5 mounting system any brand and type flat panel can effortless be installed install your flat panel with just 1 person no personal lifting no tools needed for assembly continuous height adjustment landscape or portrait positioning of the flat simply stack the components on each other just like the 390908 floor stand without using any tool click

technical specifications product code 390966 max load single stand max floor stand height 60 kg 2750 mm accessories flightcase · flightcase for your flat panel and floor stand available in your colour size and shape portrait-landscape rotatable adaptor · flat panel landscape-portrait rotatable adaptor manual 90° rotation of the flat panel max load 80 kg part no p3496 cable guidance upgrade set mounting head · upgrade set to convert your standard 390908 floor to an audipack stack-lift part no 390965 manual hoist extension separate brochures are available for av products for professionals silent series av furniture transport and flightcases eye-point® fp liftomatic® for large screen displays professional av home cinema marine specials av furniture professional packaging practical solutions januari 2009 it s great to have solutions it s great to have solutions it s great to have solutions it s great to have solutions it s great to have solutions ap/sl/en/v1.0/2009 your