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introduction anything is possible with audipack audipack specializes in manufacturing transport and flightcases for all kind of products be it for rental staging endurance sports events or personal use large flat panels led walls and other audiovisual equipment sales representative demo sets or professional racing team s audipack designs and manufactures transport and flightcases for all of these and many other products anything is possible it s great to have solutions tech talk audipack products set a new standard for the flightcase industry by combining state-of-the-art cnc machinery with personal craftsmanship all components handles brackets etc are made from a high quality materials environment all cases are produced keeping the environmental directive in mind audipack uses environment friendly materials like special interior bonding glue coatings and cleaning aids next to environment-friendly wood types and recycled materials the end product is packed with self solving plastic

packer® the audipack packer a true revolution in the transport case world the audipack packer is the top of the range in small ultra light custom made portable cases and can be manufactured in almost every size besides it s unique modern design the packer distinguishes itself from other cases by being extremely low in weight and available with a multitude of colour options for the fittings as well as the cases the packer is the solution for transportation of all your valuable or vulnerable equipment where a conventional flightcase is too heavy or bulky the packer is manufactured by a computer controlled process developed at audipack using state of the art materials and components which are environmentally friendly non-toxic and completely recyclable the case interiors are custom made to customer specifications by punching or cutting to achieve the desired shapes and shock absorbtion even brief-case interiors or ready-to-work notebook interiors are available design the packer is

basic configuration leather grip 120001 silver grip 120007 black grip 120016 built in grip 120002 flat corner a 110001 flat corner b 110002 ball corner 110003 ball corner stack 110004 nummerical catch 130036 catch 130011 lockable catch 130012 t lock 130002 catch 130001 overlatch l 130013 overlatch m 130018 latch s 130017 latch m 130052 latch m lockable 130037 latch l 130038 latch xl 130051 l bracket s 150001 l bracket d 150002 l bracket sd 150003 hinge 190020 hinge 190021 lift-off hinge 190001 hinge s 190016 hinge l 190002 hinge xl 190017 castor swivel castor fixed castor swivel brake available in several sizes build-in corner wheel 120021 feet moon shaped 170010 feet natural s 170004 feet black s 170003 feet black m 170016 feet black rubber l 170002 wooden skid bar shown is an vast range of standard components it s great to have solutions

accessories below shown accessories are used to enhance practical use and to personalize your product leather tool case interior 240015 leather attache interior 240022 leather attache interior 240027 leather strap max 20 kg 120026 build-in pull-out handle max 50 kg 120020 long 120033 short build-on pull-outhandle max 10 kg 120022 label l 100080 label m 100146 steel racking 180005 steel racking 180004 aluminium racking cont adjustable 180002 shown is an vast range of standard components it s great to have solutions

ap/fc/en/v1.0/2009 your audipack® dealer industriestraat 2 nl-2751 gt moerkapelle the netherlands tel +31795931671 fax +31795933115 schnackenburgallee 41b 22525 hamburg tel +49 0 40 500 505 60 fax +49 0 40 500 505 61 e-mail shop