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environmental initiatives commitment of top management csr management mitsubishi motorsʼ material issues business activities collaborative efforts with suppliers automobiles are composed of a wide variety of materials and parts which are developed and produced by our suppliers mitsubishi motors believes that our communicating impact on the environment can be reduced not only through our own business activities but also through our business partners coope initiatives including meeting initiatives that take into account all processes from manufacturing of materials and parts to the delivery of of our green procurement g that ongoing communicatio these materials and parts based on the basic concept of purchasing materials of the steady implementatio business partners we expla and parts with low impact to the environment from suppliers who continuously work to reduce their environmental initiatives at which are attended by our b environmental impact mitsubishi motors has rolled out “green procurement guidelines” to our parts strive to engage in commun environmental impact of ou suppliers plant material suppliers and other suppliers striving to reduce the environmental impact of our entire supply chain expansion of green procurement guidelines the company requests suppliers to acquire and renew of external certifications of environment management systems as well as to manage hazardous substances promote the 3rs submit lca data to allow us to understand the lifecycle environmental impact reduce environmental impact reduction in business activities and reduce their environmental impact related to logistics green procurement guidelines is also supplied to suppliers of key overseas plants such as thailand topics participation in the cdp since fiscal 2018 we have cdp supply chain program environmental ngo this p conditions in business part which requires companies regarding their strategies a regarding climate change a we have requested about 1 partners to participate in in collecting information on c in our supply chain and are conditions and change in e