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performance report environment performance report social performance report governance editorial policy gri standards reference chart education nts various environmental ning its policy initiatives vironment in order to ke the lead in promoting nvironmental education e conducted for individual loyeesʼ understanding of nvironmental problems and he social responsibility that o fulfill environmental initiative r training for engineers topics environmental lecture meeting for executives we believe that for environmental management it is first vital that executives be well aware of the world situation with respect to the prevention of global warming and the demands placed on automobile companies by society in march 2018 we held an environmental lecture meeting for executives attended by a total of 44 participants primarily executives dr itaru yasui professor emeritus at the university of tokyo gave a lecture on “the essential response companies are called on to provide,” based on global trends following the signing of the paris agreement followed by an exchange of opinions topics environmental film screening in order to provide an opportunity for employees to consider environmental issues as issues that affect them environmental films were screened in the head office okazaki kyoto and mizushima areas from september to november 2017 at the head office a documentary program about climate screening at the head office change was screened mitsubishi motors csr report 2018 22