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corporate governance commitment of top management csr management mitsubishi motorsʼ material issues corporate governance basic policy and framework for corporate governance basic approach and policies considering compliance to be of topmost importance mitsubishi motors aims to meet the expectations of shareholders customers and all other stakeholders and achieve sustainable furthermore to separate th execution functions of mana and flexible response to cha environment the company h executive officer system an accelerate management dec in addition to ensure appro growth and increases in corporate value by making the ongoing reinforcement and improvement of governance as a management priority ◆ corporate governance fra system of corporate governance the company has improved and enhanced its corporate governance in addition to statutory functions the company has introduced the executive committee and various other management bodies report accounting auditor accounting audit cooperation as well as the executive officer system in order to enhance the flexibility of business execution and clarify management responsibility and to carry out appropriate supervision of business execution the board of directors is responsible for making decisions concerning important management issues and overseeing business execution of each member of the board it is comprised of eight members including six outside directors with considerable experience deep insight and so forth to strengthen supervision over business execution to enhance the speed of decision-making the company has established and operates various committees to deliberate and report on various important matters related to the management quality audit internal audit audit di subsidiaries and associates