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policies environmental policy mitsubishi motors formulated the environmental policy that clarifies its initiatives for environmental preservation in corporate management basic policy mitsubishi motors recognizes that protection of the global environment is a priority for humankind and as such makes the following pledges 1 taking a global perspective we are committed to harnessing all our resources to achieve continuous reductions in the environmental impact of all our corporate activities spanning development procurement production sales and after-sales servicing of vehicles 2 as a good corporate citizen we are committed to take actions that protect the environment at the level of local communities and society as a whole behavioral standards 1 we will endeavor to protect the environment by forecasting and assessing the environmental impact of our products at all stages in their life cycle

environmental management environmental management system mitsubishi motors acquired iso14001 integrated certification and is promoting environmental initiatives on company-wide basis major domestic and overseas affiliated companies also acquired iso14001 certification for the domestic dealers we promote ea211 certification 1 eco-action 21 is a certification and registration system based on the environmental management systems guidelines formulated by ministry of the environment for medium-sized companies environmental management system certification affiliated companies and dealerships iso14001 development mitsubishi automotive engineering co ltd production pajero manufacturing co ltd suiryo plastics co ltd mmpc philippines atc philippines mmth thailand mec thailand distribution services mitsubishi automotive logistics technology co ltd sales meinan mitsubishi motor sales co ltd eco-action 21 sales hokkaido mitsubishi motor sales co ltd higashi nihon mitsubishi motor sales co

mitsubishi motors environmental report 2017 − 16

fiscal 2016 initiatives ■ plan fiscal 2016 targets entry of improved ek space and ek space custom ∙ market ∙ market entry of hybrid delica d:2 ■ do fiscal 2016 achievements market entry of improved ek space and ek space custom in december 2016 the minicars ek space and ek space custom were significantly improved and introduced to japanese market these models come with turbocharged engines equipped with an auto stop go function idling-stop mechanism added with a coasting stop function that stops the engine when driving at speeds of 13 km/h and slower thereby reducing the amount of fuel being consumed this improves the fuel consumption rate jc08 mode by 0.2 km/l to reach 22.2 km/l for the 2wd model and 20.4 km/l for the 4wd model ek space ek space custom market entry of hybrid delica d:2 a hybrid model of the compact minivan delica d:2 was added to the series and introduced to the japanese market in january 2017 ev driving is made possible through the use of a

reducing engine friction ■ reducing friction inside the engine to improve fuel economy various engine losses can affect fuel economy exhaust loss cooling loss mechanical friction loss pump loss and drive loss of auxiliary units engine friction is a mechanical friction loss resulting from combustion gas within the cylinder causing engine parts such as the piston and crank shaft to move this friction loss is mainly caused by these sliding parts we make improvements to decrease the sliding resistance of such parts to reduce engine friction ■ approaches to reducing engine friction ∙ improving contact surfaces optimization of the shape and surface treatment of the piston skirt and surface treatment of the cam ∙ reducing contact force improvements to the shape and reduction of tension of piston rings optimization of the set load of valve springs crank shaft layout shape of timing chain tension of timing belt etc ∙ reducing friction by improving lubricants

products and technologies reduction of in-cabin voc to provide customers with a healthy and safe cabin space mitsubishi motors works to reduce volatile organic compounds vocs inside the cabin vocs are compounds that easily volatilize at room temperature such as formaldehyde and toluene these compounds are thought to cause sick building syndrome and may irritate the eyes nose and throat in an automobile cabin they are mainly generated by adhesives and paint used in interior parts progress in order to reduce the amount of in-cabin vocs we are taking measures to reduce the sources of vocs as well as vocs themselves all new models since the mitsubishi i launched in january 2006 satisfy the voluntary guidelines set by the japan automobile manufacturers association jama example of measures to reduce vocs area measures against sources of vocs details of improvement central panel reduced organic solvents in the surface painting carpet reduced aldehydes in pile adhesives seat reduced organic

business activities efforts in production mitsubishi motors mainly manufactures and sells vehicles while vehicles are convenient for users they affect the environment in various ways throughout their life cycle from development and use to final disposal as a manufacturer we have a responsibility to minimize the impact of vehicles on the environment automobile production is related to various environmental issues ranging from the community level to the global scale we are constantly striving to reduce environmental impacts including reducing co2 emissions from the production plants and preventing air and water pollution okazaki plant mizushima plant kyoto plant kyoto mitsubishi motors thailand co ltd mmth mitsubishi motors environmental report 2017 − 39

business activities efforts in production management of chemical substances to minimize the impact on the environment of chemical substances mitsubishi motors ensures management of the usage and discharge status of chemical substances used in production plants control of prtr1 substances we have long since examined the physical properties and details of usage plans of new chemical substances by using the substances toxicity prior examination system to determine whether or not those new chemical substances may be introduced in order to emphatically suppress the toxicity from highly risky chemical substances 1 abbreviation of pollutant release and transfer register report on the discharge removal quantities of substances appropriate management of hazardous waste we manage hazardous waste so that we do not import or export hazardous waste which is restricted by the basel convention on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous and their disposal in addition in case of

business activities efforts in offices and dealers automobiles have an impact on the environment during all phases of the lifecycle from development production logistics sales and use to disposal therefore mitsubishi motors believes that we promote action to reduce the environmental impact through all business activities including our offices and dealers at dealers in particular we promote action to spread electric-powered vehicles with outstanding environmental performance in addition to energy conservation activities and recycling activities in this way we can work toward a clean low-carbon society together with our customers activities in dealers in accordance with environmental guidelines our dealers in japan carry out environmental initiatives in accordance with our environmental guidelines these initiatives include acquisition of the eco-action 21 environmental management system certificate which was formulated based on iso14001 by the ministry of the environment we also

collaboration with society collaboraitve environmental preservation with society mitsubishi motors believes initiatives in collaboration with society are important in environmental conservation for this reason we have been working on environmental conservation activities such as the forest preservation cleaning mowing and termination of alien species in collaboration with stakeholders including communities municipal governments ministries and government agencies and npos for collaboration with ministries and government agencies in particular we support the national campaign cool choice for countermeasures against global warming and the climate change campaign fun to share by the ministry of the environment and we participate in the light-down campaign pajero forest forest conservation activity children s forest program forest conservation activity since 2006 we have been working on in this program active in 10 countries protecting and cultivating a forest in such as thailand

withdrawn water volume wastewater volume ∙ excluding some foreign affiliated companies ∙ excluding some foreign affiliated companies ∙ including some estimates biodiversity indicators condition of protected or restored habitats achievements by fy2016 protection initiative of preserving native plants and creatures in and around the plant kyoto plant-shiga restoration initiatives of restoring the ecosystem in and around the business areas to the condition which native plants and creatures are able to live environmental preservation of yatsuda where white egret flower lives planting asarum caulescens blackberry lily and eupatorium japonicum which are native plants of kyoto city − kyoto plant-kyoto restoration of cogongrass gregariousness which provides habitats for various insects habitat status of rare species red list of ministry of the environment in and around the plants the status to fy2016 kyoto plant-shiga investigation period :from 2013 to 2014