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essential series beautiful simplicity simply beautiful hohner essential series the hohner essential series offers the right instrument for a broad spectrum of musical genres with its pleasing and attractive looks its good sound characteristics and an excellent price/performance ratio these guitars impress with their simplicity and the elegance of their carefully chosen design all essential series guitar models are provided with a top from solid sitka spruce with a classy satin finish a mahogany back and sides and a nato neck with rosewood fingerboard the combination of spruce and mahogany results in rich bright and woody tones and is well suited for accompanying vocalists hw40p essential parlor this model comes with a body shape originally designed in the late 1800s at 40 the instrument is a bit shorter than a dreadnought the body is similar yet smaller than a grand auditorium and provides for a more even frequency response the parlor guitar is physically smaller but the sound is not it is particularly well suited for rooms and environments that should not be overwhelmed with bass these instruments are predominantly played by guitarists in different blues and folk styles who need a guitar that cuts through on all the strings the neck width is slightly wider than the dreadnought and is therefore a first choice for fingerstyle players the smaller body size is very comfortable for smaller players grover tuners and factory strings by d addario hw40f essential folk like the essential parlor the folk size model is 40 tall with a body shape similar but smaller than a regular dreadnought this medium sized guitar body which is sometimes referred to as orchestra shape provides a less boomy bass and brings out the mid range tones which is why fingerstyle guitarists typically prefer this body shape grover tuners and factory strings by d addario el-sd essential dreadnought ­ no guitar line is complete without a traditional dreadnought model the mothership of steel string guitars players go for the large dreadnought body when they look for strong volume and very pronounced bass the essential dreadnought comes with the same no frills understatement as the rest of the series and is also factory strung with a d addario set el-sc essential classic this model is a full size 39 classical guitar that has been designed with the same characteristics of wood selection and finish as the other guitars of the line the designers applied a very subtle rosette the combination of sitka spruce and mahogany el-smj-ce essential mini-jumbo acoustic/electric cutaway the essential mini jumbo was designed with the stage artist in mind a shallower smaller body reduces guitar feedback when playing through a pa while the cutaway gives free access to the higher fret positions the fishman ion preamp system includes an equalizer and a self-muting tuner grover tuners and factory strings by d addario hw40p parlor hw40f folk back and sides provides for crisp strong well equilibrated sound this guitar just sounded superb and played well with aquila strings which is why these were chosen as the factory strings for the essential classic mini-jumbo el-smj-ce classic el-sc dreadnought el-sd 2 3