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since 1857 education

harmonicas big river harp the big river harp harmonica is specially designed for beginners who want to start playing blues folk and rock music its sturdy construction and easy handling as well as its good responsive sound quality ensures an easy start into music happy color harp happy color harps are the most suitable harmonicas for players entering the style of blues and rock music the harmonicas are available in four different colors the plastic cover plates are exceptionally carefree allowing a comfortable and smooth musical experience step by step sets with our well assorted harmonica sets it is easy to start playing different styles of music 02 03 big river harp order-no notes reed plates comb length m590 20 0.9 mm plastic 10.5 cm happy color harp order-no notes reed plates comb length m91600 20 aluminium 0.9 mm plastic 10 cm blues starter set order-no m91401 content book cd and big river harp in c-major blues harmonica set order-no notes keys comb length m91105 20 g a bb c

harmonicas speedy exceptionally robust in construction and because of the special arrangement of its four holes the speedy harmonica is ideal for children of preschool age it also comes in four colors pink black blue and yellow melody star the lip-friendly mouthpiece with specially formed reed chambers allow for effortless playing of single notes with a range of two octaves the melody star is ideal for classroom teaching and in groups chrometta series the chrometta harmonica has larger holes in the mouthpiece which are easier for the unexperienced player to master there are four models with different tonal range to choose from the slide assembly is easy to utilize enabling the player rapid progress the chrometta is extremely wear-free and has a streamline design step by step sets with our well assorted harmonica sets it is easy to start playing different styles of music 04 05 tremolo starter set order-no m91490 content chrometta speedy order-no notes keys comb length pl91190 8

guitars lanikai ukuleles hohner education series guitars every year thousands of young players worldwide start learning how to play on a hohner guitar the guitars in the education series are offered in different sizes to address different age groups and to offer an upgrade path for students who continue playing as they grow up hc02 hc03 and hc06 hc guitars have a spruce top back nato sides and neck fingerboard and bridge hardwood hc03 student size scale length 590 mm 18 frets for players between 8 and 13 years of age order number g1313 lu series ukuleles 06 07 lanikai s most popular family of affordable quality ukuleles the lu series covers the full range of ukulele sizes soprano concert tenor baritone nato eastern mahogany top back and sides rosewood fretboard nice sound and good projection chrome die-cast tuners for stable tuning these ukuleles have four strings tuned in g c e a lowest to highest string techniques learned on the ukulele can be applied directly to the guitar step

recorders musica line these well-crafted 2-piece wooden c-descant recorders with their harmonious balanced sound set the standard in the field of musical education in schools the ergonomically formed mouthpiece makes lipping easier and ensures a pleasant playing feel all recorders of the musica line are available in maple or pearwood with german or baroque fingering as desired melody line these recorders are specially designed for children and young beginners their robust construction and easy handling as well as the possibility to rinse them clean in cold water makes them ideal school instruments 08 09 the popular melody line has been extended to include hardwearing combi-recorders featuring an almost unbreakable plastic head-joint and a body of traditional pearwood descant c´´ 9511 german descant c´´ 9531 german descant c´´ 9532 baroque order-no b9531 b9532 material pearwood construction two parts packaging plastic case descant c´´ 9533 german descant c´´ 9534

melodica the perfect start into music the melodica was developed for the special demands of children and beginners in several years of research hohner engineers gave their very best experience to construct an instrument for the perfect start into music 10 11 w ne piano 26 clarina 8 order-no pl97220 color keys 8 tonal range g´ g´´´ weight in g 80 length in cm 37 c94564n red keys 26 tonal range h c´´ case plastique bag tube ¸ weight in g 500 length in cm 37 w ne order-no c94561 black student 32 order-no c94321 black c94324 red c94325 blue keys 32 tonal range f c´´´ case plastique hardcase tube ergonomic mouthpiece ¸ weight in g 580 length in cm 42 keys 32 tonal range f c´´´ case plastique hardcase black tube ¸ weight in g 580 length in cm 42 ocean melodica fire melodica order-no c943275 ocean c943274 fire soprano order-no c94518 keys 25 tonal range c´ c´´´ case plastique bag weight in g 300 length in cm 34 alto order-no c94524 keys 25 tonal range f

accordions bravo with the bravo series we have set a new standard for the beginners and students market the rugged and musically versatile instruments in this series offer performance features which were up to now only available with considerably more expensive instruments a good example is the bravo s incorporation of the t-keyboard mechanism which offers outstanding playability and ease of service nova the completely new nova series chromatic button accordions offer you a whole new way to explore the versatility and originality of the accordion music being multifunctional is one of the many strengths of our productline the button key accordions were especially designed under the guidance of the inter 12 13 nationally acclaimed french pedagogue frédéric deschamps who established a worldwide unique education system for accordion these accordions offer key features that accommodate his particular demands bravo ii 48 order-no a4051 a4052 a4053 a4054 colors white black red blue size

accordions stands diatonic diatonic instruments which produce different notes when pulling or pushing the bellows are the archetypal of the hand-harmonica and started their successful career in the 19th century by providing a wide variety of musical styles with time specific regional traditions and preferences were formed and are being continually expanded with specific models e.g the compadre models which have their roots in latin american music and tex-mex music the instrument morgane is highly regarded in the gaelic and breton music genre we are proud to offer such a wide range of instruments stands hohner stands are solid reliable and comfortable to use here s a small selection of our stands assortment 14 15 w ne w ne hbs-f1 music stand folds in one easy step unobtrusively keeps notes where they should be morgane order-no a2650 colors nature tune g c size in cm 28.5 x 15.5 weight in kg 3.3 accessories case straps treble right hand pianokeys buttons 21 2 rows tones 42

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