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lüftungsklappen für kfz-klimaanlagen kunde behr pkw-klimatisierung beim mehrkomponenten-spritzguss werden materialien mit unterschiedlichen eigenschaften untrennbar zu einer einheit verbunden so erfüllen sie mechanische und thermische anforderungen zugleich ventilation flaps for motor vehicle air conditioning systems customer behr car air conditioning in multi-component injection moulding materials with different properties and combined inseparably as a unit this way they fulfill both mechanical and thermal demands the assisting you with the obtaining of the best possible implementation of your good ideas is the task which hewi kunststofftechnik measure itself by we accompany you and your idea on the route to a stage where it is ready to go into production all of the injection-moulded technique steps from the initial draught to series production are well thought-out and continually modified as regards the required product properties as a result of its process competence hewi kunststofftechnik has the right answer to your problem at every point in the process chain not a ready-made solution but one which is individually adapted and optimized for each case the people at hewi kunststofftechnik are our strength and your advantage as a result of personal customer care and teamwork you are able to profit from our combined competences and experiences we are just as strong when it comes to the technology hardware and software simulation methods and the networking of the working areas are all up to date this is supplemented by perfect hand finishing and the visual judgement of our experienced employees where machines are limited this makes us a premium partner and system supplier for leading companies 02 hewi