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2 GMW Architects GMW Architects is an award-winning architectural and interior design practice. Based in London, with affiliate offices throughout Europe, GMW offers a wide range of skills and experience in the office, retail, transportation and leisure sectors. Over the last three years our involvement with the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre has represented an important component of our research activity and our commitment to being at the leading edge of new thinking in workplace design. We are delighted to be encouraging new design talent through our sponsorship of the 2003 RCA Design for our Future Selves awards. GMW Architects is supporting the Work brief award sponsors BIGidea Big Idea is an independent brand management consultancy that specialises in new product development for consumer and retail brands. The companyfs expertise covers marketing, planning, consumer insight, colour trend forecasting and concept design and

8 Virginia Cruz intimate objects A family of objects that uses technology in a tactile and multi-sensory way allowing older users to access information using more than one sense. Tactile conversation is a blanket that vibrates to the voice of the person on the phone; m.emo is an intimate soft object that reveals marbles of different shapes in which personal audio memories can be stored. An activity-based, illustrated manual that brings family generations closer together, especially grandparents and grandchildren. The manual helps readers turn generational differences into opportunities by creating activities for all age groups that aid understanding of the different perspectives of older and younger people whilst highlighting shared qualities. Gero Grundmann generation

13 Richard Woods seeing electricity A project that aims to change the way people understand and make decisions about their electricity usage by providing real-time feedback on every appliance in the home to one central display. The system can act as a reassurance to older people as the display provides a quick safety check that potentially dangerous, high-power electrical goods are turned off. Jonathan West ageing clock A clock that displays current time in a sculptural way whilst containing a slower, more personal timescale. The skeleton of the clock contains a series of boxes into which each successive generation of owners puts an artefact. A family history of heirlooms is built up within the timepiece, encouraging long-lasting, meaningful communication between

18 Helena Rivera franchised suburbs, commodified education This project sets out a scenario for the hypercapitalist London suburbs of 2050. A scheme on Egham High Street presents the education environment as a hybrid of office, research and market spaces. Students working in lightweight, prefabricated, flexible modules are commodities whose futures can be invested in. Graeme Raeburn rucksack A redesign of the rucksack to meet the needs of the modern commuter as well as two-wheeled transport users. Issues of crime, security, safety, posture and adaptability are addressed through a range of features, including a hard evaultf area of the bag that is only accessible when it is

Athur Ali Vehicle Design inside-out 24 Amalan Arulanantham Industrial Design Engineering ne wear 24 Pratap Bose Vehicle Design coming full circle 25 Masateru Fukiwake Fashion Textiles backpack clothing 25 Peter Fullagar Industrial Design Engineering duet music stand 26 Viktor Holmqvist Vehicle Design the illusion of safety 26 Andrew Lang Industrial Design Engineering sports helmet visor 27 Joseph Ludlow Industrial Design Engineering intrepid mapping 27 Rebecca Minnitt Industrial Design Engineering 3-to-1 28 Khashayar Naimanan Design Products clothing for concealing 28 Dominic Nowakowski Vehicle Design urban flow 29 Rufus Willis Architecture Interiors thali island docks 29 shortlisted

Rebecca Minnitt 3-to-1 Khashayar Naimanan clothing for concealing A walking aid that transforms into a seat. The legs fold out to form a stable tripod structure and the seat fans out to offer maximum comfort and support. It is designed to appeal to a variety of age groups and take the strain out of walking, commuting or standing up in queues for people with mobility problems. Garments with hidden pockets that can only be accessed by the user including a jacket with two types of sleeves; one with a pocket to hold objects such as a wallet and one with ribbing to hold objects such as a camera. The project is designed to prevent crime and the clothing is aimed at people of all ages and abilities.

34 Dominic McCausland object detector Using the concept of metal detectors, this project addresses the restrictions of impaired vision and the misplaced objects that result. The wristmounted device can locate objects at close range and, through electronic tagging technology, can identify different items by alerting the user through sound or vibration. Murat Konar loopqoob A set of cubes allowing adults and children whose motor skills are unsuited to traditional instruments to make music depending on their orientation. The ekid friendlyf version of loopqoob can be used by a single child or group of children, enabling children of differing temperaments and abilities to engage in the social activity of making

Will Brook Ismini Samanidou Design Products/Fashion Textiles optical tools 40 Elio Caccavale Design Products utility pets 40 Kirsty Carter Emma Thomas Communication Art Design the grey blanket 41 Matthew Dearlove Architecture Interiors phoenix street 41 Agnes Decourchelle Communication Art Design eating out 42 Robert Frith Design Products please give what you can 42 Megumi Fujikawa Interaction Design awareable devices 43 Mauricio Guillen Photography a resting I 43 Mooks Hanifiah Communication Art Design hifaab: stereotypes surrounding 44 the veil Etsuko Hatta Communication Art Design the right brain and the left brain 44 Mio Matsumoto Communication Art Design you and me 45 Liv Pennington Photography eye movement and visual attention 45 shortlisted

44 Mooks Hanifiah hijaab: stereotypes surrounding the veil A project which aims to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims on the historical and religious significance of wearing the veil (Hijaab). It informs Muslims on the way a patriarchal society has maintained the practice to subordinate women, and enables non-Muslims to see beneath the stereotype. Etsuko Hatta the right brain and the left brain In an education system that increasingly favours rational left-brain thinking, this animation project uses the simple charm of childrenfs book illustration to encourage school pupils aged 7-12 and their teachers to use the right side of the brain for creative, visual

49 location kensington gore