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rhce of the year europe middle east and africa i have made a career out of my hobby long story short there s no world like free and open source software jeroen van meeuwen operator groep delft delft the netherlands read the rest of jeroen van meeuwen s story online at ¬ 2 register for courses +44 0 1252 362709 or

about red hat training red hat certifications rhct rhct ® red hat certified technician® rhct® red hat certified technician is the fastest-growing credential in all of linux it`s the best first step in establishing linux credentials choose this path as an initial certification when transitioning from a non-unix/linux environment suggested courses ¬ you have no unix/linux experience rh033 rh133 ¬ you have some unix/linux experience rh133 ¬ you`re ready for the exam rh202 exam only rhce rhce ® red hat certified engineers® rhce® red hat certified engineer began in 1999 and has been earned by more than 35,000 linux experts called the crown jewel of linux certifications independent surveys have ranked the rhce program #1 in all of it suggested courses ¬ you have some or no unix/linux experience begin with the appropriate rhct courses followed by rh253 ¬ you have substantial unix/linux experience rh300 the rapid track course ¬ you`re ready for the exam rh302 exam only red hat

rhce of the year india our company s setup is 350 users including development and bpo where we required a greater amount of security we have migrated more than 300 machines to red hat enterprise linux anil waychal manager-system suma soft pvt ltd pune india read the rest of anil waychal s story online at ¬ 10 register for courses +44 0 1252 362709 or

rh033 red hat linux essentials essential instruction for common command line processes and system administration rhca course description this class introduces participants to the linux system and teaches fundamental system administration skills at the end of the course you`ll be able to effectively use customize and script common command line utilities and perform essential system administration tasks including basic installation package management and user management procedures this is the first course for both the rhct and rhce certification tracks audience s cs 9 42 ex rh ex3 3 cds rh 3 ex442 rhce rhct ex 01 43 6 e x4 red hat certified technician note for those with little or no linux/unix experience rh033 is the first course on the path to earning a red hat certified technician certification after completing this course you will be ready to take the rh133 course which includes the rhct exam note prices do not include local value added tax course price contents and duration may

rh253 red hat linux networking and security administration set up a red hat server and configure common network services rhca course description rh253 arms students with in-depth knowledge needed for the most essential red hat enterprise linux network services and access control mechanisms you will learn how to go from a basic system administrator to a professional with the knowledge to use linux as part of your more complex services infrastructure at the end of the course you`ll be able to set up a red hat enterprise linux server and configure its network services and security through the lectures and hands-on labs students already familiar with the rhct competencies will leave with exposure to all competencies tested by the rhce exam audience s cs 9 42 ex rh ex3 3 cds rh 3 ex442 ex423 rhce ex 43 6 01 e x4 red hat certified engineer rhce exam this hands-on performance-based exam tests the candidate`s actual skills in red hat enterprise linux installation configuration debugging and

rh423 red hat enterprise directory services and authentication manage and deploy directory services for red hat enterprise linux systems rhca course description rh423 is an intensive course that provides four days of instruction and labs on cross-platform integration of directory services to provide authentication or information service across the enterprise audience senior red hat enterprise linux system administrators and other it professionals working in enterprise environments with mission-critical systems prerequisites · rhce certification or equivalent experience · course participants without an rhce certification are encouraged to check their experience levels by taking a free pre-assessment exam at course content · understanding basic ldap concepts · configuration and management of red hat directory server · managing user authentication with pam and glibc nss · using kerberos and ldap to centrally manage user authentication · using

rhd251 red hat linux programming course description this intensive course rapidly trains programmers in developing applications and programs on red hat enterprise linux over five days you`ll get hands-on training concepts and demonstrations with emphasis on realistic labs and programming exercises audience experienced c programmers interested in beginning to develop applications on linux prerequisites · experience in c programming · rh133 or equivalent unix or linux workstation user skills for developers · shell scripting in a unix or linux environment · experience with editors vi emacs course content · makefiles · version control · compiling linking and debugging · linux standards and compliance · file access system calls and i/o · programming file and directory system services · processes management and creation · signals signal handlers and alarms · inter-process communication shared memory semaphores messages · posix threads · semaphores · pipes and fifos · shared

jb336 jboss administration course description this course focuses on installation and deployment issues with the jboss application server as well as configuring and monitoring the server for production usage it helps the jboss application administrator to better understand their environment it includes an in-depth tour of the jboss operations network from installation through configuration and into usage audience systems administrators configuration management and quality assurance personnel who wish to become proficient in administering jboss application server deployments prerequisites · experience with systems administration rh033 level of understanding or windows equivalent · understanding of hardware · understanding of networking course content · introduction to jboss · installation · deployment · security · troubleshooting · failover and fault tolerance · data services installation and configuration · esb installation · portal installation · transactions location

jb439 jboss clustering course description this advanced course focuses on the high-availability services of the jboss enterprise application platform jeap including jgroups jboss cache load balancing and more you ll learn · how jboss application server leverages jgroups and jboss cache for replication and fail-over · how to configure tune and implement jgroups protocol stacks · how to leverage jboss cache in your own middleware applications · how to use and configure mod_jk for http load balancing jboss application server`s high-availability services such as ha-jndi and ha-singleton are also covered audience experienced java programmers who are interested in taking advantage of high-availability services prerequisites · jb261 jboss for advanced j2ee developers or equivalent experience · solid java programming experience is required including using j2ee and other java middleware technologies · the following skills · jta transactions java concurrency · ejb 2.1 jms reliable

mm157 metamatrix introduction location on-site call for information +44 0 1252 362709 course description this two day course introduces metamatrix`s model-driven approach to creating and deploying data services and metadata management you`ll get hands-on experience with the metabase modeler administrative console query builder and be able to quickly ramp-up for the rapid deployment of a metamatrix solution audience · software architects course content · mmx and training scenario · installation and overview of the mmx designer · data source modeling · vdb testing using sql explorer · creation of a virtual base layer engaged in soa planning and/or implementation · software architects doing design work for systems integration application development and/or model implementation · data modelers preparing for modeling design/implementation of a metamatrix solution · architects or developers designing/implementing an integrated data security environment · union federated data

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