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a class of its own since 1820 the mohren hotel has remained in family hands from generation to generation mohren’s hosts have unfailingly and wholeheartedly cultivated an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure for their guests the art of hospitality is firmly anchored in my family and i would like to show you what it means to be a guest in the mohren hotel it’s in my nature to continue to preserve tried-and-tested traditions and fuse them with what is modern and contemporary to create a truly personal style you’ll see this in harmonious connections between our historical hotel building and the modern main house you can stay in a cozy guestroom with visible traditional half-timbered walls and a bed that beckons you to snuggle up enjoy distinguished cuisine whether it should be down-to-earth country-style or elegant or perhaps you may prefer a room with more modern comforts and to enjoy your meals in the cozy traditional atmosphere of our “ratsstube” dining room my goal is to ensure the high quality of your stay with us and i will have achieved this goal when you can say that you experienced more than you had expected the best way to take time for reflection on whether you made the right decisions is over a well-prepared meal this can be in the morning when you tank up energy at the breakfast table or in the evening when you enjoy fine dining with a glass of good wine this applies to your decision about your hotel the mohren is located at the heart of the reichenau island only a two-minute’s walk away to the shores of lake constance there is no real alternative for those who not only want to retreat to a comfortable bed but also eat well for those who want relax unwind or bring their bodies back into balance our spa provides restorative and beneficial amenities reichenau island is truly a bit of unadulterated paradise here instead of virtual reality you’ll find virtuous reality the island’s enchanting tree-lined causeway fish splashing in the clear waters of lake constance fruit growing in the fields world cultural heritage in churches and wall murals and all that comes from being ideally located in the four-country junction near the vibrant city of constance instead of just trying to achieve a work-life balance at the mohren you’ll be able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labors because the present means keeping the past alive and laying the foundation for the future generation do you feel the same way we look forward to welcoming you here sincerely yours gabriela ganter,her family and the entire staff of the mohren hotel