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hermes-e 112 2 altphilologie rainer friedrich rainer friedrich post-oral homer post-oral homer orality and literacy in the homeric epic post-oral homer orality and literacy in the homeric epic hermes – einzelschrift 112 hermes klassische philologie einzelschrift 112 rainer friedrich franz steiner verlag the author rainer friedrich mcleod professor of classics emeritus at dahousie uni­ versity canada visiting professor of classics at mcgill university canada visiting professor at boston university usa research interests homeric epic theory poetics of greek epic greek drama greek drama polis comparative drama ritual drama brecht’s epic theatre film critical theory → erscheint voraussichtlich mai 2018 ca 288 seiten ca € 54,978-3-515-12050-0 e-book 978-3-515-12048-7 kartoniert milman parry’s comparative study of homer and southslavic oral song had demonstrated the existence of an oral tradition behind and within the homeric epic thus establishing an indisputable link between homer and oral poetry yet its exact nature has remained a moot point for equally indisputable is the fact of the coexis­ tence of oral and literate features within the homeric epic thus not behaving as either a straight oral song or as a straight literate text tout court the homeric epic calls into question the prevailing parryist axiom of the oral homer the link between homer and oral poetry has thus become an open question again it is in fact the new homeric question that turns on the roles of orality and literacy in the genesis of the homeric epic to clarify it this book experiments with a third term postorality as a postoral poet having initially been trained as an oral bard absorbing the hellenic oral tradition homer would have acquired literacy in the course of his career as an oral singer it enabled him to widen deepen and refine his epic art thereby giving rise to an epic as complex and unique in terms of both structure and characterization as the iliad contents i the theory of the oral homer and its dilemmas introduction homer’s orality – an open question again the waning of parryism’s hegemony “hard parryism” and “soft parryism” – an oral poetics for homer the parryist tests of orality the tests of orality resumed – the formula test the “test by thrift” – the economy test parataxis hypotaxis in homer – the enjambment test composition by schematized theme – the thematic test the test results preliminary conclusions |ii the theory of the postoral homer taking stock and the task ahead literacy in archaic greece the “other parryism” of parry fils – postorality transitional text towards non-­schematized free composition of postorality ­characterization large-scale epic – postorality and neoanalysis epilogue