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6 i horizontal gel systems horizontal gel systems i 7 selection guide msmini msmidi mschoice mschoicest msmaxi msscreen fmms10 msbgel msmidi96 multisub-4 the preferred option for quick sample-checks particularly following restriction digestion during cloning its slim tray format makes the msmini a very economical choice for separation of up to 64 samples these units offer the same trays lengths but in a wider format to run more samples just as economically as in the msmini under similar running conditions wide-format system with 2-3 times the sample capacity as the msmidi and msmini units a comprehensive selection of combs provides full flexibility for preparatory and screening techniques suitable for cloning and mini-prep analysis a ‘stretched’ version of the mschoice this system is perfect for extended high-resolution separations of samples from 96-well microplates and blocks using its 15x20cm and 15x25cm gel trays and four 28-sample multichannel compatible combs may

22 i horizontal gel systems horizontal gel systems i 23 features • separates a maximum 1200 samples in as little as 15 minutes in 4 stacked horizontal gel trays • multichannel-compatible combs and gel plate configurations compatible with microplates and thermal cycler blocks ensure rapid loading of dna minipreps and pcr products by 8-channel pipette • double-sided 1.5-mm-thick combs allow more sample volume to be loaded into each well • three gel tray options available in 8x6 8x12 and 8x18cm wxl sizes for maximum flexibility features • small footprint area reduces uptake of bench space within the laboratory • adjustable barrier with ultra-soft silicone gasket ensures leak-proof casting • mini flexicaster accommodates 7x7 7x10 10x7 and 10x10cm gel trays ordering information csl-multisub4 csl-multisub4excas multisub™-4 the multisub™-4 is a compact system capable of running a maximum 1200 samples simultaneously by stacking up

36 i horizontal gel systems horizontal gel systems i 37 technical specification slide capacity unit dimensions w xlxh volume csl-com10 10 csl-com20 20 csl-com40 40 17x34x9cm 31x34x9cm 33x59x9cm 550ml 1000ml 2100ml recommended running conditions 25v/300ma for 1h ordering information csl-com10 comet assay tank for 10 slides csl-com20 comet assay tank for 20 slides csl-com40 comet assay tank for 40 slides csl-chiller chiller unit for active slide temperature control full screen shot of a comet profile a the comet ‘head’ comprising largely intact genomic dna b the comet ‘tail’ of mobile damaged or fragmented dna the comet assay background first introduced in 1981 to quantify double-stranded dna breakages in single cells exposed to -irradiation the comet assay or scge has since been adapted to analyse specific dna lesions and repair processes to analyse the potential for dna damage of new drugs and environmental conditions overview following genotoxic insult such

52 i vertical electrophoresis systems vertical electrophoresis systems i 53 features • compare data from up to eight independent gels run within two page inserts • unique sliding clamp technology facilitates rapid interchange between casting and running inserts • run eight gels in the tank whilst casting another octi-page octi-page is cleaver scientific’s solution for high throughput electrophoresis of 10x10cm mini-gels based on the 4-gel capacity of the cvs10tetrad system the octi-page takes electrophoresis one step further by allowing eight single gels to be run within two individual cvs10dirm running inserts by using the standard cvs10 mini-vertical plain glass plate with bonded spacer vs10pgs1 and notched glass plate vs10ng configuration the researcher not only benefits from being able to compare data between single gels run within the same tank but is also free of the complications that sometimes occur when opening and processing double-gel cassettes

66 i vertical electrophoresis systems vertical electrophoresis systems i 67 vertical electrophoresis packages whether you require a package to match the market leader or one to address any budget or vertical electrophoresis technique cleaver scientific now offers the ultimate range of combination packages that will meet your needs ordering information cvs10tetrad cvs10tetrad1cbs run 4 gels in the tank while casting another 4 externally 1omnipage tetrad mini-protein electrophoresis package for 1mm self-cast gels includes cvs10dsys-cu vs10-12-1 vs10ngs1 with interchangeable 4-blot module omnipage tetrad with interchangeable 4-blot module includes 10x10cm mini-vertical unit with casting base and external casting stand plus 2x 1mm 12-sample combs cvs10tetrad1 2x plain glass plates with 1mm spacer and 2x notched plates pg 51 2 additional 1mm 12-sample combs 1 pack of 2x plain glass plates with vs10bi 1mm spacer 1 pack of 2x notched glass plates 2 packs of 2x notched glass plates with 1mm

omnipac power supply specifications mini nanopac-300 output range volts current power resolution 10-300v 10-400ma 60w max 1v 1ma type of output midi cs-300v nanopac-500 10-500v 10-400ma 120w max 1v 1ma maxi cs-500v power supplies maxi cs-3amp 2-300v 1-700ma 150w 1v 1ma 5-500v 1-800ma 300w 1v 1ma 1w 5-300v 10-3000ma 300w 1v 1ma 1w constant voltage or constant current constant voltage or constant current constant voltage constant current or constant power automatic crossover – 4 4 timer 1-999 min with alarm continuous constant mode 1-9999 min with alarm con1-999 min with alarm;tinuous.programmable mode 1-999 min with continuous alarm continuous pause/resume function – 4 4 4 display 3-digit led 3-digit led 2.6” lcd 2-line 2.6” lcd 2-line programmable methods – automatic recovery after power failure – safety features no-load detection over-voltage current temperature protection maximum power output detection shrouded plugs and sockets

96 i gel documentation gel documentation i 97 omnidoci 3.5” 64k colour tft display shows at a glance the excitation source in use and provides full manual touchscreen control of the excitation source uv intensity and exposure time omnidoc features • pre-focused 5 mega pixel camera with auto-exposure for almost instantaneous high resolution gel imaging cmos sensor for improved light sensitivity • 6mm lens f1.2 aperture size with manual adjustment • interchangeable filter slide with 620nm ethidium bromide filter as standard 520 560 and 580nm filter options available for runsafe sybr stain and other fluorescence applications • viewing pane with universal amber filter for gel inspection which may be covered by a spring-loaded panel during documentation • internal white led – aids gel positioning and focusing • slide-out 312nm transilluminator uses optional plug-in white light table for coomassie silver-stain and other colorimetric

112 i general lab equipment general lab equipment i 113 multichannel manifold omnipette multichannels feature a revolutionary suspension system which allows the shafts to retract slightly when they are pressed against a row of pipette tips each shaft moves independently resulting in an even sealing force being applied to all 8 or 12 tips this ensures that all tips secured on their individual shaft with the minimum of effort and never fall off the suspension system not only ensures secure tip sealing but also eliminates the common incidence of tips being jammed on pipette outer shafts the innovative ejection bar is curved allowing the tips to be pushed off in steps therefore reducing the amount of force required for ejection for comfortable pipetting in any direction improved omnipette manifold now ejects tips within 360o uv resistant omnipette variable volume single and multichannel pipette ergonomically designed omnipette single and multichannel pipettes feature slim handle high

126 i general lab equipment technical specifications general lab equipment i 127 technical specifications for all models – csl-nhybrid -basic vx orb rec roc display 3.5” 64k colour-tft display incubator model controller 32-bit microprocessor-control for shaking-platform models only shaker motion speed csl-nhybridvx vortex 50-1500rpm touch screen graphical interface csl-nhybridorb 0-200rpm continuous programmable 1-9999’ with alarm 1’ orbital clockwise &anticlockwise csl-nhybridrec reciprocal 5-100rpm temperature control range resolution ambient +5°c to 85°c 0.1°c csl-nhybridroc rocking 5-100rpm temperature uniformity accuracy at 37°c ±0.2°c temperature calibration yes control interface timer resolution dimensions w xdxh inner chamber exterior ordering information csl-nhybridorb csl-nhybridrec incubators 34x22.5x26cm 44.2x46.2x45.2cm platform dimensions 27x20cm 20x30cm for csl-nhybridvx data-logging capacity rs-232 operating voltage

142 i reagents chemicals reagents chemicals i 143 features • convenient pre-made stock solution or powder – just dilute or dissolve as necessary with water pink plus • save time trouble – no weighing ph adjustment or need to stock individual compounds blue wide • long shelf-life vertical protein electrophoresis pink plus and blue wide range protein markers • consistency assured – rigorous qc for reproducible separations features • standard 10-175kda and wide 10-245kda molecular weight ranges available adding colour to your page • coloured reference bands for easy identification in gels and blots stable for up to 2 years if stored at -20°c and supplied prestained in gel loading buffer for direct loading cleaver scientific pink plus and blue wide range recombinant protein markers are perfect for sds-page applications sizes range from 10-175kda for pink plus and 10-245kda for blue wide range making both markers suitable

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