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laborhits 1cryobio flexiquottm fill it freeze it snap it a new sub-dividable cryo-tube to address the problems of storing and handling frozen samples the new flexiquot™ combines the flexibility of several 1 ml cryo-tubes with the cost effectiveness of one 5 ml cryo-tube new intellectual property the flexiquot™ is protected by patents danish design and swiss quality you store hundreds of thousands of samples if you’re using multiple smaller tubes or larger tubes that are repeatedly thawed and refrozen you are limiting your chances of success in the first case you increase the possibility of human error and you occupy more volume in the freezer in the second case you decrease the quality of the sample use by use what would be the solution the flexiquot dividable cryotube helps you advance frozen sample storage bloodbanks biobanks research centers laboratories etc with its ability to hold multiple samples in one vial you can snap off what you need and put the

market applications and intended use flexiquotâ„¢ is invented by leading danish scientists specializing in biomarkers at the clinical research centre hvidovre hospital the cryo-tube is easily divided into subsections by use of a break tool operated by hand one or more subsections can be broken off while the sample remains frozen the sample material in the broken-off subsections is thawed and used for analysis while the material in the remaining subsections is kept frozen and used for analysis at a later date each sample can thereby be used for multiple analyses without deteriorating the quality of the sample material from repeated thawing and refreezing need the continuous advances in biomarker research makes it impossible for scientists to predict how biological sample material can be fully utilized when the material is collected and stored in order to make optimal use of their limited and valuable sample material scientists needs storage tools that easily allows for

fill it freeze it snap it specification quality and interfaces qa/qc volume 5 ml dividable into 5 subsections of 1 ml temperature up to –196° c labeling snapping tool and holder bayonet connector including locker max 9 caps used per tube storage system secure id of every subsection non-pyrogenic sterile sealed free of detectable endotoxins free of detectable dnase rnase functionality and performance tests sample integrity and quality remain unchanged concentrations of small molecules and electrolytes in plasma samples in divided subsections of flexquot™ have been analyzed after being freezed and thawed and compared with the concentrations in the complete sample prior to freezing test result no sedimentation across the dividable subsections of the flexiquot™ the subsections can be divided easily when using the break snapping tool irrespective of whether it is the first subsection length 110 mm with cap outer diameter 11 mm outer

flexiquottm vial lid and label label lid faust laborbedarf ag tel 052 630 01 01 info@faust.ch www.faust.ch vdc-faust sa tel 022 309 00 60 info@vdc-faust.ch