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easy to clean the best of cooker hood suction system led spotlight stainless steel clean air high standard falmec why why not perimeter bending packaging italy reduction spotlight hood robotic treviso extractor acoustic paintings veneto raw component italian skill ruester mechanical our bulb bulbs work quality less fluid buttons button replacement next aisi result italy design kitchen capacity effect passione kitchens protect passion easy filter attention easy finale

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why only the best steel for the highest in quality cooker hood the choice of materials used is imperative because of this falmec use high grade 304 aisi stainless steel which is easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion the most efficient qualities for the kitchen

why noise reduction system ® noise reduction system n.r.s.® noise reduction system for a quite kitchen the optimisation of air flows eliminated every type of wildness resistance and turbolence principal causes of noisiness the result is 25 less noisiness 45 dba for an extractor that you can barely hear compared to a traditional product with 500m3/h capacity

why laser cutting the first and most important stage of the manufacturing process is the cutting of raw material this is done with advanced facilities guaranteeing the high quality of the final product the bending the next stage is the bending and shaping of the materials using automated machines to ensure precise manufacturing the painting classic hoods are painted externally to protect their internal components from the effects of time and corrosion this type of technology respects the environment and ensures that any parts not made in stainless steel are resistant to rust and easy to

why lights falmec mostly use squared spotlights that match well with the simple design of cooker hoods there is an easy-opening system to allow simple replacement of the bulb in newer hoods we will use led spotlights with white light filters in addition to the durable and easy to clean steel filters falmec also often use a perimeter suction system redistributing suction around the entire perimeter functional and elegant packaging the packaging tested in at every stage has been designed to avoid any damage to our products statistics and customer reviews have confirmed that our packaging performs excellently in every type of

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