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Seite 27 von Cambridge English Zertifikate 2016 ‹ cambridge english advanced our people grammar 7fscgpsntup ubmlbcp vuuifqbtu the simple or nt in brackets into perfect or prese 2 put the verbs of the past past er is continuous form than one answ some cases more perfect in part from listening extracts 1–8 forms with the 1 look at these underlined verb s you can 4 match the two verb form a–g there are explanations n one explanatio match with objective pet complete advanced 2nd ed 27 possible rmat ion next year he 1 pore since he work in singa but two years ago leave university hong kong transferred to expec ts to be six mont study here for hs and he to dinner last come round me her life start telling and make the salad r it during dinne continue telling ng headache have a splitti our people starting off 1 work in small grou ps how do reflect our you thin k personality these thin give exam gs t the job we ples choose t the subje cts we choo sell it now se to study t our freetime interests t the cloth e creatures he es strang we the wear of it stories t the frien in each of the one of her trips  we loved his ds we choo come out on se invited me to doing  when she what she was … what sort of sente pener to see nces ing personal one of her trips ities do you was a real eye-o used to get in the follow come out on photographs g often imag ine the peop invited me to were?often gettin le 1 have  when she l because i le many times peop b my teachers i was at schoo ed to them so our 2 these annoy with me when ht a pen with  we’ve listen ed  doing broug was adje u he never ctives can bring had whatever or 1bs used tobe used to desc complete  he’d drop g always asked tion 2 never have n es the panic ribe to ask s table ti pers qu used really alway by writ onality correct me i  would ing each adje  she never wri uss a all day he’d be coluand mn theirs ctive in been working u disc lete tour of the the and could borrow  even if he’d tbz them a comp ich yo quiet someone if i about 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