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24 cambridge english first for schools › friends speaking the 1 questions and speaking part to george and 04 look at the below listen the extra ers in the table tions note down possible answ ering the ques ation francesca answ extra inform add information they answer diving question school dinner activities after after any do r you 1 do work s see grandmothe you do your home weekend meet friend 2 when do the usually do at end 3 what do you ct answer do next week you going to choose the corre 4 what are we listen ge the time that the recording amy can i chan sentences from these lete ng tomorrow 04 comp 2 meet ’re meeti to visit you soon need to ing you if want ’m again want normally to dive ally spend ’m norm seaside 1 i of july at the spending most to a 2 when i we go ’re going i next saturday 3 on saturday rant to of the day greek restau par 4 we it is a good idea t my guitar most 5 think ing ay tuesd 5 i ’m think 5 i in a concert next ing 1 you camp go get are going to tired when we 6 i see page 78 will be very read an extract weansw 6and e tenses g from a nove er thes ent and futur l about thre use ’ll get home e questions l a cesca with schoo e girls look grammar – pres to fran part and 1 come where ner can’t at the pictu areithe tenses george tomorrow girls to the re look at the 27 do you i ’ll go ’m going future think 3 work in pairs because the present and g 3 one of t.them they know each other to talk about well dentis talks about divin has somein thes.morning use when he new do you think does george 2 read do my homework does regularly i’ll tense he h s 8 l the it’s whic thing 1 good news the text to schoo g very dge.or go go quic or bad new t next e i ’ll does he use for kly note www.cambri befor and to tell er s to talk abou s answ 2 which tense tense this 1 ent g thes wha writin e questions t new s’m uses two differ exam tip does 9 i write miss sierr going 3 francesca give to 2 how ng the amy and vick i miss ’m a does that amy you talk about playi i how does feel about sierr press saturday why uous tense to 3 what do row’s class before you she feel abou ridge university a’s new she use a contin tomorthey make plan you come ’res answer the t it 4 why does it questions happy thats for ay always read the concert is 10 i’m really guitar on sund to talk about the exam text quickly does she use tas comin to get an idea k g to italy 5 which tense ening what it is abou of t definitely happ in below read b ing and a and m task use of engl exa sentences in one text ish part 5 there 4 look at the ask and the text belo ct a or b always six mult w a partner and are which is corre 1 than iple-choice now work with is shor ter ise in exerc the in for exam questions abou questionser1–4 b and there are questions t answ theon only four ques page 11 choo best acco i’m liking to relax my a tions se the answ rding to the to do er a b c text i’m preferring i like to relax or d which exam tip dinner you think fits my homework vicki swept homework after i prefer to do ise past the tablemore marks if you add about the contryou i need to pract will get s to the counter answers i’m knowing after dinner ast betw nd your watc een her expa hing her sierr with l to to practise her head down two detai friends if amy you a thoug some i know i need how zigza vicki move when prefer and know chin to the gged through ht d throughand t why the verbs like way sky and t abou abou same her e think the life the days notic in wind in her optim ism even at full speed long silky what do you which behave with her s had linke brow n hair doything origi nally had tuall of other verbs d sierr a and that zestf ul inter prete can you think vicki objective compactpet first for schools sc ho t fo r es s y pr pa ct fi rs s m iv er sit th ew ge un 6 0 – co ur a m at br id ca m 10 7 41 55as an d la 197 8 a th om ar rb ba io n rp t ex ce in fo rm at e m or ol s ends d fri y an l i m fa ing e of engl ish ng getti milies why ow fa es all sh themselv er th 3 which ng t e 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badl table sierr a ready for my ch spilled her news big announce “it can’t be the e a day starte ment?” “okay a what e wait until now,”that huge if you didn’ th dge university rt of r says as l t tell me f vicki said press lar pa ke ra crushed ice caref ully pour at lunch today and rticu the spea gene made me ing her tea r pa a fo over the glass d tip at to “i wanted to of tell you both refer fer to wh details an exam ay at m r re “i appreciate the same time t fo that,” amy ” www.camb emen it may both said king “so?” vicki spea 1 a stat r says or to listen unit prompted 8 ke “last night spea you need kers e rancho coron my brother called and ve e spea told me he’s whol ng a university ar fiv ts you ha going to south for his mast ni “that’s your u he er’s degree ern california mea en big news?” but he want rt 3 yo statem next week vicki asked pa “wai ed to t,” le check sierr a said her prett y face ning possib out some colle he’s prett y sure he want her enthu siasm him and my took on a teasi liste t ges before he s e parents unruffled “he’s ng grin “you made a final to attend am in ce of eigh le going to drive defin itely could choos “good for you,” said yes!” decision.” oi the ex op task down there have told me vicki said ation an in from a ch more pe next week “bring back that at lunch “didn’t you ter th celebr and he asked exam ree something go to california .” shor ct answer each if i wanted mily for each of ar th n ar tip fa last “yes io w is he he to go with year a ” us.” ll lo at rre for easter vacat wi rry br be will out exam ion?” amy task lect the co ow you g ab t the cele n’t wo s “and you also you in asked do n the am lk se er flew ily so down there e ex sw do you expe le ta ys abou you for your frien in th ing twice l the an ct ard em and peop ds’ wedd ing al california – us to be happy for you ker sa rd dy he three last summer.” again you ever – in my reco don’t get alrea hear each spea keep going amy turned life i’ve only l “i hope you u ua on will t her 1 these yo been u us lower r e have a good ha adventures if to seatt le – lip into a frien ke than and we don’t 03 yo t a–f w time,” vicki once.” st tim sierr a broke dly pout “how spea r 2 said cheer fully go anywhere nised event on into a wide the fir ke i’ve never been the lis orga to sierr a grin “you mean “‘we’ mean spea r 3 cted well from to ing you and you hope we ke less expe wes?” vicki have a good “all of us!” spea was as an un ventu red “or time.” sierr a spou a it g ‘we’ mean ing ted “my broth “when do we ere w ge.or ual the three of er is drivi ng leave?” vicki b th day inion mbrid an us us?” my parents’ asked “wed nesda er th nce of op van l the ww ng down y after and they said sfu school,” sierr re d lo the three frien i could invit a said laste as a diffe as succes e ds my c it w bent frien w their their head s ds to go.” little corner ere y plan close they of the world d th ange of d off badl bega n sierr a felt ch 10 uni a gleef ul rush to make a plan for their e a day starte upcoming road t 1 readin of anticipatio e n and knew g and use f th it could n’t cometrip as the spring sunsh of english ine lit fast enough for her ing sten s li es 1 ty pr unit tions lebra ily ce fam cambridge english first 1 reading and us a en list part 1 6 iversi ge un mbrid ice ca b serv this we compact first for schools ist ein kurzer vorbereitungskurs 8 lerneinheiten bieten material für 50 bis 60 unterrichtsstunden und bereiten umfassend auf die anforderungen der ab 2015 gültigen prüfung vor student’s book with answers cd-rom 978-3-12-535193-6 € 29,00 € 28,50 € 54,90 € 14,20 978-3-12-535196-7 € 13,50 978-3-12-535194-3 € 27,20 978-3-12-532912-6 € 26,90 978-3-12-535112-7 € 165,00 student’s book without answers cd-rom 978-3-12-535192-9 student s book without answers with cd-rom and testbank neu 978-3-12-535364-0 workbook with answers audio download 978-3-12-535195-0 › prüfungstipps sowie grammatik und vokabelübungen auf basis des cambridge learner corpus zur 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