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read n pape used 3 no e estio only y the qu refull comm advic ce ca n use en is rd giv senten you ca exam swer e first key wo ● ● fewer e not st us at a th the ble an you mu te th read t how a possi e gap bold no abou in th with rd in think used e gap e wo e first as th u have luding th lete th rds same rds yo comp answers o wo inc y s the of wo an five ticall as tw an er ts ma rough th un am k it me e numb more n’t’ co ce gr chec nten unt th and not ch as ‘do eet ce to ● co er sh the se su two senten p fit e answ than ted form second the ga to th rac in ed p nt s let co rd the ga e wo e comp rds in er th ad th wo eth e re th ● self wh just k your swer ● as ur an fer yo trans and on both on the web goods few years ago they were a fake designer worldwide these than one market stalls s in more ways actual brand regarded damage the g them to be sales and causin reducing their er er than her broth 0 mary is short not as not as tall mary is 1 2 speaking 1 how importan t is fashion to you wha clothes do you t sort of prefer to wea r do you ever wear things 6 1 02 you d you don’ have to dresse will hear som harry t reall like?end e short reco why talk with if so when a ygirlfri have rdings whe andwas older of the people in the a partn he didn’t she er re five photos talk 17 – i thought only to wear say is l about what 2 describe 8 that mode who is spea they like what people king in each in here is an exam the class are case then list topicas wearing toda ple speaker vocamode l isinnot bulary y 1 is the man that look sets like thes at his photo in photo 3b clothes suit e as you listen ht thougtshir i swea in this transcrip t footwear boots t words and phra of what speaker 1 says jewellery brace sandals ters some ses are highlight let earrings fash ion mat that parts of ed this is to headgear hood an exam reco show rding may mak think thatj materials wool helmet e you zzzfdpeulgjhru other answers len leather are possible you must liste appearance this is why n carefully and casual smar listen a seco check when t nd you 3 work in time pairs choose i’m not a suit a pair of 1a and 1b desc photos for man example ribe what each with casual stuff even for work i can get person is wea say somethin away though i still g about their ring and look smart appearance i love shopping like my clothes to 4 in the sam – my favourite paul smith in e pairs com place is covent gard pare the two en i bought woollen shirt photos thes people in your a really nice there e examples recently clot may help you to me but they hes are impo the one on rtan need straight 4 uvlw 3uhvv peulgjh 8qlyh 5 as a class summarise what you said people about the j lgjhru cambridge english first 10 er 1 un it 1 ‹lqwklvzhe vhuylfh&dpeul hvv w 3u qlyhuvl listening the left is youn ger than the right one on the this girl’s cloth es are not as stylish as the this man seem other one’s s to be less serio the suit us than the man in fdpeu fo ld 4b 3b 2b most 3 3a elegantly dresse more suzanne was far at the dinner party her brother were zzz stylish t to be comforta ble as well as 1 03 now listen to the other four spea match the corre kers and ct photo to each speaker answers with compare someone else when you have speaker 2 finished speaker 3 speaker 4 speaker 5 gjh8qlyhu vlw 3uhvv lgjh8 dpeu h huylf 1a why not them why would you buy erfeit goods feel about count nces so that they the second sente by completing wasn’t as arison structures the word given use at the dinner party 8 practise comp first the 5 suzanne’s host meaning to have a similar d as she was ● ex a m 4a 7 what do you ● 14 ters they once luxury items no longer the seriously less exclusively the matter less people view advertising were some a type of free ver knock-offs offer arguing that ner labels howe to the real desig that this is an and promotion from the fact away g gettin starting to there is no n industry is 2a y and the fashio distinguish illegal activit ons that will high-tech soluti fight back with s copie 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