Ducati DESMOSEDICI RR Zubehör 2008 von Ducati Österreich

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Katalog Ducati DESMOSEDICI RR Zubehör 2008

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Ausgewählte Katalogseiten von Ducati DESMOSEDICI RR Zubehör 2008

desmosedici rr accessories overview

d16rr accessories overview 96451908b red 96452608b – team version complete exhaust system made entirely in titanium layout is similar to the world championship-winning ducati gp7 this kit provides a boost of power and enhanced light weight over 50 saving also thanks to the specially mapped ecu and high-performance air filter mrp – pag 1 cirka € 7.500,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview carbon headlight fairing developed for use on the race track in collaboration with the aerodynamics specialists from the ducati corse staff the top coat matches the other fairing components to enhance the sporty character of the bike mrp – pag 2 cirka € 1.500,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview 96992808b carbon rear mudguard wrapping up a wide tyre section to protect the rear suspension and bike rear end from debris and impurities mrp – pag 3 cirka € 375,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview 96979707b light-alloy fuel filler plug with carbon frame 965162aaa 220v 96519107b 110v set of ducati performance tyre warmers cirka € 175,00 vk inkl mwst cirka € 670,00 vk inkl mwst mrp – pag

d16rr accessories overview 96630208b titanium footpegs and controls kit sturdiness and light weight as the keys to ultimate performance this is the development concept underlying these all-titanium footpegs with four setting positions designed to adjust riding position to suit rider s preferences and achieve better riding performance articulated brake and gear shift footpegs and levers minimise the risk of breakage in the event of a low slide mrp – pag 5 cirka € 4.500,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview 96629608b engine kit the two bolt kits for engine 83piece package and frame 49piece package are designed to replace steel bolts and achieve significant weight reduction while enhancing reliability and safety mrp – pag 6 cirka € 1.250,00 vk inkl mwst 96629508b frame kit cirka € 1.250,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview 96988008b double-bubble plexiglas windshield offering great wind protection at high speeds and excellent drag coefficient mrp – pag 7 cirka € 195,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview 96851108b this kit includes two rear chain sprockets with 520 pitch and t44 and t45 toothing made from ergal a material that combines sturdiness and light weight a size-520 case-hardening steel front chain sprocket with special lightening holes for t15 and racing gp7 chain are also supplied mrp – pag 8 cirka € 550,00 vk inkl

d16rr accessories overview 96765808b aluminium box-type front stand very handy for front wheel removal and brake servicing it complements the rear paddock stand supplied with the bike to make your own set of stands for use in the pit stall or on the pit lane mrp – pag 9 cirka € 495,00 vk inkl