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“trenton makes the world takes” this typographic sign on the south side of the lower trenton bridge was first installed in 1935 the slogan came from a contest sponsored by the trenton chamber of commerce in 1910 at that time trenton manufactured the wire rope necessary for construction of huge suspension bridges around the world pottery automobiles watches textiles and cigars were also among the exports of this then booming city 1 40 years 1975–2015 proudly made in trenton since 1975 princeton tec is based in a part of new jersey that was significantly invested in manufacturing from the 1800’s until the 1970’s while the region’s focus has shifted over the years our company has not wavered in our promise to create tools that help professionals of all types stay safe products that allow the boldest athletes to push their limits and raise the bar for what is possible lights that simply help you make the most of your precious spare time our history

our athletes last a long time we make sure our lights last longer we may have shortened our name to “princeton tec” but we strive to make every light we build burn longer than the last our product line now includes outdoor bike industrial and tactical — and they are used by the world’s top endurance athletes princeton tec has a long-standing history with our athletes we support them with the lights they need to conquer the toughest races and endeavors and they provide us with the feedback needed to make our products the best that they can be we would like to take a moment to say thank you to a few of princeton tec’s most talented friends and to highlight some of their achievements ultramarathoner polar explorer ultra-endurance cyclist when he isn’t growing epic beards gary can be found trail running around eric has been to the north pole south pole and everest summit – all in the jay petervary is an ultra-endurance cyclist with a

multiple beam weight maxbright led the battery power meter provides continuous feedback on the condition of the batteries indicating high medium or low battery life this information allows you to make educated decisions about changing batteries or packing a spare set this beam pattern combines focused narrow and wide beams to allow for the most versatility at close range the wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions so you can take advantage of your peripheral vision while focused narrow beams provide distance illumination princeton tec’s advertised product weights always include batteries for many products battery weight is a large percentage of overall weight weight can be significantly reduced by using lithium batteries in lithiumcompatible products the highest quality led available princeton tec’s maxbright led is extremely bright and efficient this single led emits a smooth powerful white light useful for a wide range of tasks princeton tec uses collimators or

helix backcountry ® it sure is nice to bring along a few creature comforts even when you’re headed way out there helix backcountry is a compact lightweight lantern which puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes perfect for around camp or in your tent helix backcountry has a “swipe” control surface that is free of buttons yet gives access to a 150 lumen white mode dimmable to as low as 30 lumens plus a dimmable red mode for low profile use the expanding globe and folding legs help helix backcountry to shine over a wide area the lantern design even incorporates several hanging options helix basecamp ® rechargeable this rechargeable model begins with the same great foundation as helix basecamp a collapsible globe and folding legs aid in wide light dispersion plus multiple hanging options this particular lantern is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery cutting down on disposable battery use and saving a bunch of cash over the life of the

bot ® small simple and ready for action meet bot the smallest member of the family is designed with the same ergonomic features of the other members but with a fun and bright ptec twist two ultrabright leds housed in a colorful body will certainly be the center of attention but look beyond that the bot is built with the same ruggedness and reliability as the rest of the headlamps in the family durable plastics a single arm bracket and large push button make the bot sturdy and simple to operate in addition the battery compartment on the bot screws shut to ensure that the batteries will not be accidentally accessed by little fingers ptec reliability ptec personality the bot rounds out the family in a big way specs max power lamp max burn time batteries weight water resistant sync ® winner of the 2015 backpacker magazine editor’s choice award evolving the next generation of the family series was no easy task when developing the sync we started with the proven foundation of

professional series professional series beam performance profiles vizz® 90 205 lumens 30 205 lumens meters 30 lumens eos ® 30 lumens 205 lumens 105 30 meters 90 20 meters meters 30 90 meters 20 meters lumens lumens meters 60 30 meters meters 20 meters 60 90 meters 105 lumens 205 lumens 105 30 78 lumens meters lumens lumens 60 30 35 meters meters meters 20 meters quad® 78 105 lumens 275 lumens 78 lumens 30 lumens lumens 35 meters 60 meters 35 meters apex ® 43 35 meters meters 30 120 meters 120 meters 43 meters 120 meters 275 lumens lumens professional series headlamps feature extreme durability and one meter waterproof ratings as the result of highend materials and a special process which molecularly bonds the lens battery compartment power button and light housing regulated circuitry ensures even brightness through battery life and allows the use of lithium batteries for cold weather performance vizz quad and apex feature a battery power meter 43 meters 275 lumens 30

vizz ® eos ® the vizz is feature-loaded with three distinct beam profiles easily accessed via a simple press hold or double press of the switch one maxbright led creates a powerful spot beam for longthrow illumination a pair of white ultrabright leds deliver a dimmable flood beam and two red ultrabright leds handle close-range lighting while preserving night adjusted vision when not in use the vizz can be locked to prevent accidental turn on and the translucent switch acts as a low battery indicator when the 3aaa batteries become drained as with all of ptec professional series headlamps the vizz is waterproof ipx7 and is equipped with regulated circuitry making the vizz lithium battery compatible the durable eos is an outdoorsman’s dream come true with a single long-throw maxbright led encased in a rugged watertight housing the eos is up to any challenge that a trail site slope or stream will throw at you four output modes high medium low and flash allow the eos to keep

apex rechargeable ® the newest apex with 36 hours of burntime has a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack which clips to the headstrap or can be moved to the user’s belt or pack with an extended power cable a usb charging cable comes with the headlamp making it easy to replenish battery power with a single regulated maxbright led partnered with four white regulated ultrabright leds the apex rechargeable provides either a powerful spot beam or a bright flood two big buttons make switching between modes easy technology specs max power lamp max burn time batteries weight charge time waterproof 275 lumens 1 maxbright led regulated 4 ultrabright leds regulated 36 hours rechargeable lithium ion 283g with batteries 3 hours 1 meter ipx7 apex extreme ® the apex extreme is designed to take cold weather explorers cyclists mountaineers and backpackers to new heights the apex extreme provides the same great user interface and output as the apex but stores its batteries in a remote

meridian strobe beacon ® max power 100 lumens white led visible over a mile lamp 1 white maxbright led flashing 1 red maxbright led flashing max burn time 100 hours batteries 3 aaa alkaline included weight 101g waterproof ipx8 max power 10 lumens lamp 1 ultrabright led max burn time 36 hours batteries 2 2016 lithium coin cell included weight 17g with batteries water resistant ipx4 1 led ipx4 17g max power lamp max burn time batteries weight water resistant 10 lumens 1 ultrabright led 36 hours 2 2016 lithium coin cell included 17g with batteries ipx4 10 1 led ipx4 17g pulsar ii ® specs max power 100 lumens white led visible over a mile lamp 1 white maxbright led flashing 1 white maxbright led constant max burn time 100 hours batteries 3 aaa alkaline included weight 101g waterproof ipx8 max power 10 lumens lamp 1 ultrabright led max burn time 12 hours batteries 2 2016 lithium coin cell included weight 7g with batteries water resistant ipx4 � blu � red � grn pulsar

eos bike push ® ® eos bike takes self-contained battery lighting to the next level the combination of a maxbright led and a princeton tec-designed collimator maximizes the beam by balancing long-throw with localized lighting the self-contained unit feels virtually weightless on your helmet and makes the ultimate backup light for your 24-hour race the eos bike is light enough to throw into your jersey pocket for a late afternoon ride ensuring you’ll have enough light to get home its use of high-grade materials ensures durability and strong resistance to water weather and impact includes helmet and handle bar attachments plus headband so you can use your light around camp or at home whether you are ripping the city streets or enjoying country roads pedaling to your destination provides an unparalleled sense of accomplishment day or night lights can enhance your sense of freedom this feeling is what inspired us to create the push a self contained 165-lumen vessel of