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level zenith what’s included rim tape vigilante skewers extra spokes and nipples carbon specific brake pads wheel bag valve lengthener 2 x 48 mm c50 whether you’re in a road race triathlon or just training the token c50 carbon clincher will have you speeding like a train and climbing like a goat thanks to its combination of shape weight and build

they don’t build ‘em like they used to cameron brown oldest man to ever win an ironman event june 8

22.5 17.5 18 full description one of the greatest feelings on a bike is being able to ride up a hill quickly especially when you see your mates struggling away behind you to make it up a hill faster a light bike always helps and this is where the c18 wheelsets bring their game we made these wheels as light as we could without sacrificing durability because nobody wants to have to walk their bike back home we started with an incredibly light rim that is tubeless ready so you can run the lightest tires on the market with weight dropped from the rims you’ll notice how snappy the acceleration is to help keep the weight low we laced these wheels with sapim spokes these spokes are able to absorb high-frequency vibrations trail buzz so you also get a more comfortable ride but we used a standard 3-cross lacing pattern to ensure the wheels remain durable and are able to transmit power while minimising lateral flex with an upgraded hub for 2016 this wheelset is able to take on the

level zenith valve extender tf20 – tf100 the token valve extenders are available in a range of sizes so you can get the perfect match for your tubes and rim depth simply pull out the valve core on your current valves install the extenders reinstall the cores and you can inflate your tyres to the correct pressure with ease they’re available in any colour you want as long as it’s black specs sizes code material aluminium 20 mm for use with 20-30 mm rims weight 2 g tf20 – 20mm colour black 30 mm for use with 31-40 mm rims weight 3.5 g tf30 – 30mm 40 mm for use with 41-50 mm rims weight 4.5 g tf40 – 40mm 50 mm for use with 51-60 mm rims weight 6 g tf50 – 50mm 60 mm for use with 61-70 mm rims weight 7.5 g tf60 – 60mm 70 mm for use with 71-80 mm rims weight 9 g tf70 – 70mm 100 mm for use with 81 mm rims weight 13 g tf100 –

level vigilante headsets we use proven materials to ensure our vigilanteheadsets will keep your forks spinning smoothly for a long time we know this because we test all our headsets in all kinds of conditions so you will be assured of getting a premium product in this series of headsets we use our highly polished angular contact premium bearings to ensure smoothness the top cap is cnc machined from 6061 alloy and is sealed to keep out moisture away from the bearings to keep the lower bearings and fork from being damaged we include a cnc machined 7075 alloy crown race we include an alloy top cap forged stainless steel bolt and a steel star nut for convenience specs code for shis code weight weight 162 g and up without bolt or cap tk157 1.5 fork ec49 38.1 ec49 40 162 g set material tk157r 1-1/8 fork ec49 28.6 ec49 30 167 g set top cover aluminum bolt stainless steel crown race aluminum bearings premium colour black external design available to fit 1.5” frames and

level option 878 super external bottom bracket the super external bottom bracket is built using our patented seals to keep out dirt and water so it runs smoothly and trouble free it has a unique design that improves longevity shim and spacer set for sram gxp with the simple addition of some shims and spacers our external and some press fit bottom brackets can be used with sram gxp cranksets codes specs code weight from 97g set tk878tbt with tbt bearings frame bsa tk878ex with premium bearings colours black blue gold or red for use with shimano 24mm or sram gxp 24-22mm note some combinations require the use of a spacers 112 r23 for use with tk877ex tk877tbt tk878ex tk878tbt and sram rival and above r231 for use with bb86p bb86p-tbt bb86 bb86tbt and sram rival and above r232 for use with bb841p bb841p-tbt and sram x9 and above m383 for use with tk877ex tk877tbt tk878ex tk878tbt bb841p bb841p-tbt and sram x9 and

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