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index logo’s buzzx is a patented technology of utexbel that provides a long-lasting protection against insects ticks ants fleas chiggers midges,… on woven fabrics is a patented pattern used in our camouflage garment range the baleno realtree range includes 4 patterns apg max 4 snow blaze orange blaze more info on for more info go to • insect protective • tested and approved by who world health organisation • lasts up to 50 household-washings • no need for reapplication • windproof • waterproof • soft • noiseless 100 nylon woven fabric with pvc coating waterproof 1.500mm water column 100 nylon pvc coating cordura is an air textured nylon yarn constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies weight for weight cordura fabrics are exceptionally durable hydura baleno‘s most resistant fabric type especially developed to give you high protection against branches thorns this waterproof and windproof 500 denier nylon oxford strong fabric is the perfect protective layer for outdoor activities for more info • windproof • waterproof • highly resistant flexothane is a polyurethane coating on a knitted fabric waterproof 10.000mm water column wind and waterproof welded and stitched seams strong supple light and noiseless flexothane® is supple and 150 stretchable machine washable without losing its original shape • windproof • waterproof • light weight • 150 stretchable • noiseless • windproof • waterproof • extremly resistant ® 100 peach polyester woven fabric 
developed for optimal silence during specific outdoor activities • windproof • waterproof • soft • breathable • silent warm climate waterproof windproof resists water droplets from passing through water resistance is measured by the amount of water in mm which can be suspended above the fabric before water seeps through “windproof” fabric doesn’t let the wind come through it is very useful to keep you warm fabrics are made windproof by membrane or by weaving them very tightly so that the gaps between the threads are too small for air to pass through at a certain speed breathable taped seams allows body heat and perspiration to pass through breathability is measured by the rate at which water vapour passes through in units of grams of water vapour per square meter of fabric per 24 hours this is a method used to make materials waterproof by putting a waterproof tape or liquid sealant along the seams usually on the inside so it can’t be seen