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collection 3 help of the original’s manufacturer documents rotating propellers go without saying on the biplanes even the tensioning wires of the wings are indicated plus many additional prints and details make the models very special collector’s items also in this series the color scheme is also assigned to one of the pilots of the time – with pertinent background information all history of flight models are delivered in especially high-quality presentation boxes containing even more information on the type and the manufacturer 3 2015 81ac027s arado ar196 ohne hakenkreuz without swastika 21,90 € about oxford oxford is the leading manufacturer of miniature models in the die cast area their product range consists of more than 800 models which are joined by 300 new products each year the assortment of die cast airplane models in the 1/72 scale ranging from early wwi airplanes and military airplane history of the 20th century to technology of the post-war era furthermore the collection is complemented by historic civilian airplane models as well oxford’s love for detail and the high quality of their metal models are going to impress you additionally very limited collector’s items are released to enhance the product range.  oxford aviation the aviation series represents favorably priced but at the same time very detailed airplane models in the 1/72 scale each aircraft tells the very personal story of the pilot who commandeered it – from the time of 1914 to the cold war all european russian american and asian airplane models are each delivered with a display stand complete with information printed on history of flight true airplane enthusiasts love this 1/72 scale model collection depicting a wide range of classic models of aviation history every conceivable detail was replicated with the 4 2015 81ac048s dornier do 335 pfeil smithsonian museum ohne hakenkreuz without swastika 23,90 €